How To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer?

The iPhone battery capacity is increasing, which makes people’s lives more entertaining and exciting. Fortunately, iOS isn’t becoming more energy-optimized. And therefore, iPhone’s battery life has been the subject of many debates and the verdict usually isn’t the most positive. General issues include the battery draining fast despite being charged for several hours.

There is no doubt to say that Apple devices come up with incredible functionality. However, most people experience the inconvenience of poor battery life.

Don’t worry! There are various iPhone repair service providers that will help in extending the battery life of your iPhone. Plus, we have also collected all the proven methods and tricks that allow you to increase the battery life of your iPhone.

Understanding your iPhone battery capacity and fostering the best practices to accomplish them will support your battery to endure the test of time.

Let’s have a look!

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How to Extend iPhone Battery Life?

  • Avoid Overheating and Hypothermia
  • Start Using iPhone on Power Saving Mode
  • Decrease Display Brightness
  • Turn Off Background Content Refresh
  • Disable Unnecessary Pop-up Notifications
  • Prevent Some Applications From Using Geolocation Services

Team Up With Professionals

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life?

Avoid Overheating and Hypothermia

Heat and cold can damage lithium-ion batteries. Overheating and overcooling the iPhone can significantly reduce the battery capacity of your smartphone. So it should never be kept in adverse conditions.

Plus, it’s recommended that not to leave the iPhone in the car or on the windowsill on hot days. For the completeness of this manual, ensure that the iPhone can be used without risking battery life in temperatures between 0°C and 35°C and must be placed at temperatures from -20 to 45 ° C.

Start Using iPhone on Power Saving Mode

Apple devices have come up with the feature of power-saving mode. It allows you to extend your iPhone battery life for three additional hours. The mode is activated in the Settings>Battery. When power saving mode is activated, the device performance, network activity, motion effects, mail checking, background application updates are disabled, and animated wallpapers turn into static ones.

Decrease Display Brightness

It’s recommended to decrease display brightness. Application of such settings provides the opportunity to set the brightness to a minimum after pressing the Home button triple times.

The display will begin to strain the battery-less and the smartphone will be able to work longer. If you want to exit from the minimum brightness mode, a simple solution is to press the Home button three times again.

Turn Off Background Content Refresh

The presence of multiple applications on your iPhone that works on the Internet for operating in the background. Hence, the device’s battery starts discharging faster.

In order to minimize this issue, go to the menu Settings>General>Content update and disable the applications. The background activity of which you want to prohibit.

Disable Unnecessary Pop-up Notifications

Each notification from any particular app activates the display of the iPhone, which further consumes the most battery resources quickly.

This is why it’s recommended that you keep the list of apps with toast notifications enabled in order. Go to Settings>Notifications and turn off notifications from unnecessary apps.

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Prevent Some Applications From Using Geolocation Services

There are multiple smartphone applications that use the iPhone’s location services. But tracking your location through a smartphone is an extremely battery-consuming process. Of course, it’s not recommended to completely disable geolocation services.

But, it’s worth forbidding specific applications to use the function. Go to Settings>Privacy and select the application that shouldn’t be able to use geolocation services, and click Never.

Team Up With Professionals

By following the above-mentioned instructions, you can conveniently enhance the battery life. In other circumstances, if you fail to reach the desired output, seeking help from professionals will perform reliable operations to extend the battery life.

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