Macbook Pro A1708 Flexgate Repair

Trouble with your Mac display? Get the screen replaced with us!

If you observed that there is a distorted display on your MacBook screen or it could be showing no display at all. Don’t worry, it is a common issue with the Macbook Pro A1708. Most of the cases like these happened due to the faulty flex cable of the device. That is why the issue is known as “Flexgate”. You may reach out to us here at iDevice Repair Centre for your Macbook Model A1708 Flexgate repair and get a brand new screen fixed on the same day.   

Issues with Retina Screen and Display

Issue 1 – No display: A blackout screen on your MacBook Pro A1708 is a sight that might shake you a bit. But if you do encounter such an incident, be sure to contact us about Macbook Pro A1708 Screen Replacement. You will get the clear display back on your MacBook in no time. 

Issue 2 – Improper display: Getting random, coloured lines on your screen? This might frustrate you a bit. With the experts at iDevice, get the screen replacement done in no time and enjoy a clear display again.

Issue 3 -Broken screen: The visible crack lines on your MacBook A1708 is no less a nightmare to anyone of us. Surely you would have never expected this to happen. But if it does, you may call iDevice Repair Centre for Macbook A1708 Screen Replacement.

What are the Pros of getting your screen fixed by our experienced technicians?

#1. Quick Assistance

There are tricksters who might take your laptop for screen replacement but won’t fix it for weeks. We’ll ensure that you get the shining screen on your MacBook replaced in no time.

#2. Affordable Services

The prices of our services won’t break your wallet. There is no hidden charges and all prices are quoted to you upfront before any repair work commences. 

#3. Complete Customer Satisfaction

We aim to deliver fast and quality services. We provide up to 3 months of warranty for repair and replacement parts. If you are facing issues with your iPhone, MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, iPad, Windows Laptops, Windows tablets, Hard Disks, etc – bring it to us for a Free Evaluation to better understand what has gone wrong with your device(s). 

For all other queries related to your MacBook Repair, feel free to message us, call us or email us to gather more information.

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