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Accidently broken your Samsung, Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony or Oppo phones? Looking for a “phone repair shop near me” for your phone to have excellent, reliable, professional and friendly phone repair service in Singapore?

When iDevice is here then, you do not need to look further! We offer fixes to almost every mobile phone issue, like, home button, charging port, motherboard, glass screen, battery replacement, and many more.

Get Your Mobile Phone Repaired By Experts

Unlock Singapore’s best smartphone repair service centre to get your phone fixed. A professional team of specialists is responsible for handling all the complicated smartphone issues of prime brands.

We are proud to be the leading mobile phone repair service provider for all leading smartphone devices. Our experienced technicians are able to perform mobile phone repairs on every Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, OnePlus and other mobile phones and devices.

We are skilled in LCD replacement and glass screen, headphone jack replacement, water damage diagnosis, battery upgrade, fixed phone home button, rear case, camera replacement, and body repair, audio problems, wifi and signal connectivity problems, and many other aspects.  Whether it is internal problems or accidental damage, our smart phone repair service will support you easily to solve all the faults.

Most reliable Phone Repair Service Centre

Why do most Singaporeans prefer iDevice over third-party phone repair centres? Because we have been providing more affordable and competitive repairs in Singapore. If you have some doubts, give us a call for a quote.

100% customer satisfaction mobile repair service

All telephone repairs are quoted, and no additional fees will be charged if service fees or GST are not included. To have maximum customer satisfaction, we provide a full money-back guarantee if you are not happy with our mobile repair services. Our aim is to give you the best customer service. Other services our repair shop provides include water damage checking.

Customer’s free maintenance and diagnosis

We offer free “In-Your-Face” diagnosis and provide you with reasonable repair service prices. Most suitable for Samsung mobile phone glass screen to replace the latest models of Note 10, Note 9, Note 8, S9, S10. We prefer the Gorilla Glass for repairs! You can quickly complete the LCD replacement work for damaged equipment in our professional equipment repair shop.

Visit us if others cannot repair your phone

We can solve the problems that most mobile repair shops cannot solve. Our dedicated smartphone motherboard repairers can obtain any high-quality spare parts that the market cannot provide.

Assured quality

iDevice uses the highest quality parts only. For iPhone and iPad screen replacement, we provide a 30-day to 90-day warranty, and for all other repairs, we provide a 30-day warranty.

The warranty includes defects not caused by subsequent physical damage caused by the customer and is linked to parts that have only been replaced. For replacing the LCD/screen, even if the glass is not broken, the physical damage with black stains, lines and watermarks on the display. For complete details, please refer to our user agreement.

Choose iDevice for Mobile Repair Singapore

At iDevice, we will do our best to handle every cell phone entrusted to us. We provide on-site mobile phone repair services and serve you wholeheartedly. We perform mobile phone screen and parts repair services with you to help you avoid any mismanagement issues. Nevertheless, in the case of significant repairs, it may need some time. Assure that your data privacy will never be negotiated.

We have a team of professional technicians who can assist you with the best solution for a damaged mobile phone. According to the model you own and its problem, they will be capable of recommending the most economical and the most suitable plan for the mobile phone.

Singapore’s mobile phone repair team is well-trained and they find the problem immediately. We guarantee that only certain components are used. The service quality and after-sales service are first-class.

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