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Similar to other laptops in the market, you may encounter MacBook issues throughout the ownership process at least once a while. Whether you have the oldest model or the latest model in the MacBook series, we must agree that sometimes issues occur.

As long as you are willing to do it yourself ​​for repairs, we always recommend that you seek expert help. iDevice is the apple store Singapore to support you in the best way possible. In the end, the apple Singapore issues will be diagnosed by our professionals and henceforth, you can examine them properly.

All About The Product

Apple is a well-known brand, and its products have perpetually set a high standard by means of the configuration quality provided to users and the price range of its products in the market. This unusual device also met expectations perfectly.

By looking at the accompanying configuration set, we decided that it is composed of Magic Keyboard, and in front of the keyboard (actually the Touch Bar) also has a thin and light touch-enabled micro screen. The entry-level configuration considers the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Regarding the magic keyboard, we want to tell you that it is much more comfortable and thus supplies you with work efficiency. Apple-certified services and repairs are accessible at the apple watch repair Singapore or one of our Apple authorized service providers. The technicians at every location get Apple training. They provide a similar high-quality service as Apple original parts. The repair is supported by Apple.

The Apple Store and other Apple authorized service providers to provide same-day repair services, like screen repairs. After checking the iPhone, the technician will verify the total cost of replacement or repair. In many cases, AppleCare+, Apple warranty, or customer laws may cover repair matters.

Genuine parts

Original Apple parts are essential for quality repairs. Approach the Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store to ensure that your product can return to work in the way it has to.

Screen repair

You can fix the broken iPhone screen at one of our Apple Authorized Service Providers or at the Apple Store. Each of these locations uses Apple original parts and accurate equipment to assure that the repaired screen works as a new screen. Same-day service is available in some areas.

Battery replacement

You can replace the iPhone battery at the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. Our authorized locations use Apple original parts to give the best service to the customers.

Our Warranty covers batteries that have failed due to manufacturing defects but do not cover batteries that have worn out due to normal use. If your iPhone is protected by the AppleCare plan and the battery power is less than 80% of its original size, then iDevice will provide you with product repairs for free.

About iDevice Apple Repair Singapore

Here in iDevice, we are expert in repairing Windows and Apple devices, like; iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, iMac, Surface Pro, Macbooks, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and more products. We hold several years of experience in apple watch repair Singapore, therefore we will offer the best solutions for the issues at economical rates.

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Our customers choose us because of the quick turnaround time. When you repair your Mac from our experienced team in Singapore, we assure you that we will correct the problem quickly and perform the repair work efficiently.

We understand that when a MacBook fails, you don’t want to delay it further-you want it to be repaired immediately. For common repair work of Apple MacBook, like battery and screen replacement, our specialized team at iDevice Singapore will complete it in 60 minutes or less.

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