Computer Repair Singapore

If you are searching for a computer repair centre in Singapore, then iDevice can assist you. Nowadays, most of the operations of enterprises rely on computers. With iDevice, you will get complete off-site and on-site support for PC repair and maintenance requirements.

Our experience in handling computer brands, models and makes permits you to diagnose and fix any problems and repair any equipment efficiently and quickly. This implies you will be able to focus on Singapore’s core business without worrying about computer issues. Undoubtedly, iDevice’s technicians have professional knowledge and are able to deal with Unix, Linux, and Windows-related issues.

We provide on-site computer repair services for corporate and public sectors in Singapore and can manage everything from small setup issues to complicated operating system issues. Similarly, in addition to other services we provide on iDevice, our on-site maintenance services and computer repair in Singapore are reliable, high-quality, and professional. Most of the best services provided by us are:

  •  Blue Screen Of Death
  •  Unable To Boot Up
  •  Startup Errors
  •  BootDisk Failure/Startup Errors
  •  Driver Issues
  •  Operating System Reinstallation/Missing Operating System
  •  Immediate Emergency Response
  •  Internet Connection Error
  •  Spyware / Virus / Malware/ Adware Removal
  •   Furthermore, we can resolve:
  •  WAN/LAN & Networking Issues (Access and Router Point Setup)
  •  Repeater Installation and Setup 
  •  Firewall Configuration and Permissions
  •  Hardware Repair
  •  Spam Configuration
  •  Data Recovery and Backup 
  •  Program & Application and Configuration & Settings
  •  Registry Cleaning & Errors 

Our Vision

iDevice Repair Centre is committed to giving quality services while meeting your requirements. In other words, we perform upgrades and more affordable-authorised service centres can save up to 70%. Additionally, our professionals have been qualified by Apple-certified Macintosh technicians and other brands. Assuredly, we provide every valuable customer with the best service experience.

Best Computer Repair Service in Singapore

We are iDevice – Singapore’s best computer service centre. For many years, we have been providing the best computer/PC repair service. Our company has active, latest innovative equipment, qualified, certified, and experienced experts, who can service/repair any type of laptop issue.

We repair important brands such as Apple, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Asus laptops, etc. iDevice carried out computer repair in Singapore in three ways. At first, the skilled experts here find out the problem the device is facing. However, if you know the issues, then, follow the second step directly. Next, we will check the issues by repair when the customer node to downtime and fees. Later on, we carry out strict testing to ensure the major issues are resolved and no further issues will occur.  

We serve the authority to solve any PC problem, whether it is related to equipment or programming, we can make or display a PC without having to worry about it, and the shortest turnaround time is completely reasonable.

No matter if you need to get rid of issues in the motherboard chip-level management, keyboard repair, screen replacement, and overhaul management of redundant parts of the workstation, or any other defects, we may solve them all.

Why should you hire us for your Computer Repair in Singapore?

At iDevice, we are committed to restoring PCs to their best health at the lowest cost. We will explore the most cost-effective way to repair your PC.

For some parts that need to be replaced, we will provide the various suitable and valuable parts, and always ask your opinion before making replacements. Our work is transparent, and we will always update the repair progress of your PC for you.

Approach us Now!

We are experts in repairing damaged PCs, liquid spills, repairing information on broken hard drives and PC motherboards, and using chip-level services for data recovery. Certainly, iDevice experts fix your computer at a reasonable cost and have a faster turnaround than most of our competitors’ products. Positively, our same-day repair service may put your troublesome PC into working condition in a few hours instead of days. Though, if the issues are more, approach Computer repair in Singapore quickly to start your PC repair program. Allow us to show you how we can repair your PC the right way.

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