iPhone Parts Replacement SOP

iPhone Parts Replacement

Standard Operating Procedure

“Break your Tech, not your wallet.”

By the time you are reading this, you may have already taken your iPhone to Apple or its authorised service centre and probably been told one of the two things: “It is out of warranty and we can’t fix this. Would you like to see our new models…” (you already know where this is going) or “Sure. We can fix your iPhone but your data will definitely be wiped in the process ”

iPhone Repair Singapore

iDevice offers high-quality and reliable iPhone repair services in Singapore and is committed to presenting excellent services at an affordable price and becoming the most reputable Apple service centre. To become the best Apple service centre, we connect fast iPhone repair with trained customer service.

After checking the iPhone, the technician will verify the total cost of repair or replacement. In most cases, Apple warranty, AppleCare+ or consumer laws may cover repair matters.

We provide the staff with specialized and sufficient training to diagnose and give iPhone repair services in the shortest possible time. Various iPhone models generally used by Singaporeans are repaired here.

iDevice Manage Various Types Of Issues For iPhone Repair

Typical iPhone repairs, like, LCD repair, iPhone screen and battery replacement can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes. iPhone repair Singapore includes repairing the motherboard, such as, devices can’t be turned on or water damage, we will need to pick up your device and send it back after repair.

  •  LCD damage
  •  Screen cracked
  •  Charging port replacement
  •  Fast depleting battery
  •  Water damage
  •  Device can’t be turned on
  •  Faulty iPhone camera
  •  Housing replacement
  •  Motherboard repair
  •  Volume button, Faulty home button and power button

Well-Skilled and Experienced Repair Technicians

There are few services provided by experienced maintenance technicians in Singapore, but at iDevice, your search for the most reliable and competent service is over, because you will be favoured by qualified, trustworthy and proficient professionals. Our technicians also from all over the globe hold extensive experience and are well-versed.

Experienced iPhone Repair Engineers

iDevice only has experienced engineers in the industry. Many are also inspired by Apple itself. They not only get comprehensive training but also receive background checks.

Your Data Is Secure With Us!

Since you will fix your iPad or iPhone while observing the complete repair process, you don’t need to worry that anyone will access the data on the phone.

Pay After The Repair Is Complete

With iDevice, you are only required to pay after the repair is completed. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will do our best to fulfil the iPhone repair requirements.

Types of iPhone Parts Replacement:

  •  iPhone Battery Replacement 
  •  iPhone Front glass/LCD replacement
  •  iPhone Backglass replacement
  •  iPhone Charging Port Replacement 
  •  iPhone Motherboard Replacement  / Repair
  •  iPhone Speaker Replacement 
  •  iPhone Housing Case Replacement 
  •  iPhone Home Button Replacement 
  •  iPhone On/off switch button replacement 
  •  iPhone Volume button replacement 
  •  iPhone Front camera flex replacement 
  •  iPhone Rear camera replacement 

Our 1-2-3-4 Step Process: 

  •  Provide a Free Diagnostic (i.e. No fees for checking) 
  •  Provide a Quotation (May decline to repair and there would be no charges at this point) 
  •  Proceed with repair works only after receiving your confirmation 
  •  Once fixed, we will call you and payment is made upon collection of your fixed phone.

Repair Time-line

  •  iPhone Battery Replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Lcd & Glass Touch Screen Replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Charging Port Replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Motherboard Replacement | 40 – 60 mins (Depends on availabilities)
  •  iPhone Speaker Replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Housing Case Replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Home Button Replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone On/off switch button replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Volume button replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Front camera flex replacement | 40 – 60 mins
  •  iPhone Back camera replacement | 40 – 60 mins

Choose Experts in iPhone Product Repair

iDevice is a one-stop solution that can meet all your iPhone repair Singapore needs. We have a professional and proficient team to ensure first-class service. So, do you want to turn your slow iPad, iPhone, iMac or MacBook into a workhorse? Approach us and let us achieve this goal!

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