Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Motherboard Repair in Singapore

Laptops offer features similar to a full-fledged personal computer in a portable form factor. Plus, they are easy to carry and use for both work and entertainment purposes. However, laptops can develop motherboard issues due to heavy usage or other reasons. iDevice Repair Centre is the most trusted name for laptop motherboard repair services in Singapore. 

So, why replace the laptop motherboard when our expert engineers can repair it for you! With years of experience, we have become familiar with the common issues with laptop motherboards and their respective fixes. Irrespective of your laptop brand, you can count on us for seamless laptop motherboard repair on a budget. We don’t wipe the device’s data so that your precious files stay intact. 

Potential Signs of A Laptop Motherboard Malfunction:

  • Laptop failed to boot up.
  • Frequent occurrence of Windows errors.
  • Device freezing randomly.
  • Laptop not detecting external devices. 
  • Device does not charge. 
  • Laptop has undergone water spillage.

Our Standard Operating Procedure: 

  • Provide a Free Diagnostic (i.e. No fees for checking) 
  • Provide a Quotation (May decline to repair and there would be no charges at this point) 
  • Proceed with repair works only after receiving your confirmation 
  • Once fixed, we will call you and payment is made upon collection of your fixed laptop.

Timeline For Laptop Motherboard Repair

  1. Laptop Water Damage | 3 – 7 days
  2. Laptop Unable to turn on | 3 – 7 days
  3. Laptop Heating Up | 3 – 7 days  
  4. Laptop Unable to charge | 3 – 7 days
  5. Laptop Battery Draining Fast | 3 – 7 days 

Please note: Repair might take slightly longer if the cause of damage is due to severe liquid spillage. We will advise you as accurately as we can.

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