Macbook Motherboard Repair SOP

Macbook Motherboard Repair Singapore

Macbook’s motherboard is prone to damage, primarily due to liquid spillage and malfunction in the components of the circuit. Besides, issues with the device like USB ports not working, no charging, hard disk not detected, etc indicate a potentially damaged motherboard. We can quickly diagnose the device and perform a fast and reliable Macbook motherboard repair.

It is not wise to replace the whole motherboard due to a few faulty components. That’s why expert engineers at iDevice Repair Centre carefully examine and test different motherboard sections. After finding the malfunctioned components, our team execute a quick Macbook motherboard repair using the best approaches. 

You can rely on iDevice Repair Centre for Macbook motherboard Repair in Singapore. We have the best equipment and staff enabling us to offer affordable repairsolutions and quality services for Apple Devices.

Signs of a Macbook Motherboard Malfunction:

  •  Water damage 
  •  Unable to turn on 
  •  Heating up 
  •  Kernel Error 
  •  No Backlight / No Display
  •  3 Beeping sound
  •  Unable to charge 
  •  Usb On-board unable to detect from time to time

Our Standard Operating Procedure:

  •  Provide a Free Diagnostic (i.e. No fees for checking) 
  •  Provide a Quotation (May decline to repair and there would be no charges at this point) 
  •  Proceed with repair works only after receiving your confirmation 
  •  Once fixed, we will call you, and payment is made upon the collection of your fixed MacBook. 

Repair Time-line:

  •  Water Damage | 3 – 7 days 
  •  Unable to turn on | 3 – 5 days
  •  Heating Up | 3 – 5 days 
  •  Kernel Error | 3 – 5 days 
  •  No Backlight / No Display | 3 – 5 days
  •  3 Beeping sounds | 3 – 5 days 
  •  Unable to charge | 3 – 5 days 
  •  Usb on-board unable to detect time to time | 3 – 5 days 

Note: Repair may take longer if the cause of damage is due to liquid spillage. Our experts will advise you more after they have diagnosed your MacBook and assessed its condition.

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