Unresponsive iPhone Screen – Here’s How to Fix It!

The prominent reason for installing a touchscreen is to get control over your iPhone or handle operations at your fingertips. However, what will you do if it doesn’t respond while tapping on the screen? Maybe you’re touching the screen but nothing happens and taps don’t do anything. Experiencing such issues could be frustrating and annoying.

The reason for the unresponsive iPhone touch screen could be a minor bug, damages or internal issue. Additionally, the non-working touch screen issue could be caused by several things. Sometimes the issue could be related to software, crud on the screen, or perhaps some other issues as well. However, there are some quick fixes that keep your iPhone touchscreen responsive.

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So, let’s have a look at the following DIY quick fixes you can try for the iPhone touch screen not responsive.

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How to Fix Unresponsive iPhone Screen?

  • Restart your iPhone
  • Free up Some Storage Space
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the New Applications
  • Check Your Screen Protector
  • Hire a Technician of Repair Center

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How to Fix Unresponsive iPhone Screen?

Restart your iPhone

Having any kind of problems or issues with your iPhones or smartphones could be resolved by restarting your iPhone. However, if your iPhone still doesn’t display any response, you can try to force restart it. Every model has different ways to restart it. So, perform a reboot until you see the Apple logo. If it’s a simple software issue like a bug or a software freeze with iOS or an app, the touch screen should work just fine again when the iPhone boots back up.

Free up Some Storage Space

Sometimes, iPhones don’t act due to storage space issues. A phone filled with a number of files, media, and apps could be the reason your iPhone touchscreen isn’t working. So, if your iPhone has a lot of applications and files, try deleting or uninstalling them by going to Settings>General>iPhone Storage and delete the app you want to.

Uninstall and Reinstall the New Applications

If your iPhone is experiencing an unresponsive touchscreen issue after you download a certain app, there could be a chance the app has a problem. Therefore, it’s recommended that you check the recent applications you downloaded to uninstall and reinstall them. After performing this action, your iPhone will work perfectly when you uninstall those apps.

Check Your Screen Protector

People install screen guards or screen protectors these days to keep iPhone screens safe. However, it might be the one causing the interference between you and your iPhone’s touch screen. So, you should check – whether your screen protector is properly applied to your iPhone’s touchscreen or not. If it isn’t, try removing and reapplying it.

Hire a Technician of Repair Centre

If you have already tried all the above-mentioned techniques, but nothing worked, your iPhone might experience hardware or software issues. In such a scenario, the best solution is to hire a technician from a professional repair store. These professionals will first diagnose the issue and apply a suitable method that brings your phone back to life.

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