Prepare an Old Mac for Gifting or Reselling to Avoid Data Loss

The continuous use of Mac can lead to the loss of smoothness of its touch bar, the clarity of the screen and much more.  It hardly matters how you keep it, you simply can’t save it from wearing out forever.  You can’t keep the same device forever and might look to buy the newly-released MacPro, especially when you start facing issues.

But have you ever wondered about the old Mac?  What would you do with the previous model when you spend money on the new MacPro?  There are the options of selling, gifting or recycling an old Mac in environmentally-responsible ways.  But before you go for selling or gifting your old Mac, it is crucial to properly sign out of specific services and delete your old data.

The process is fairly simple and straightforward.  However, it may take some time to prepare your Mac so spare some time for the complete process.  Follow the steps below for Intel-based Macs and prepare it for sale or recycle.

Create a Backup for your Mac

Before you take the big step to gift, sell or recycle your old Mac, think about the important data you’ve stored on your Mac for years.  Backup the data from the Mac, even in cases of hard drive failures.  You can either do it yourself or ask a MacBook data recovery professional with the best services and your data will be completely safe.  In this case, you can simply backup your data if you don’t want to lose it forever, and before you proceed to next step.

The most efficient and simplest way of backing up your Mac is using Apple’s built-in Time Machine Feature.  There are many other options to consider for backing-up your Mac data.

Sign Out of All Services

Doing a backup of your data and then erasing the data from your Mac ensures that your data is safe.  However, depending on the Mac version you are using, you need to take some additional steps, like signing out from various services including:

  • iMessage;
  • iTunes; and
  • iCloud

A Couple of Additional Steps

What most people miss is resetting the non-volatile random access memory and parameter random access memory (PRAM) before reinstalling MacOS.  However, it’s a great practice.  Resetting the PRAM clears certain user’s settings from your Mac’s memory and restores the deeper-level security features that may have altered.  These steps are not completely necessary but go for it to avoid confusion and mitigate Bluetooth security concerns.

Last but not Least, Erase and Reinstall MacOS

After doing all the above steps, it is the time to erase the drive of your Mac and restore it back to its factory default settings.  This can be done using a number of ways, however, the most effective and easiest method is to use Disk Utility to format your drive and reinstall MacOS.

Once you have erased the disk, you can select the option to reinstall MacOS from the Utilities window.

Once MacOS has finished installing, shut it down and handover it to the person you are selling or gifting the Mac to.  This way you are leaving the setup process to whoever is receiving it.

Signs you should look forward for when replacing an Old MacBook

Apple’s Macs perform longer than expected and provide years of functionality and endless fun.  However, at some point, you have to say goodbye to your old MacBook.  The reasons can be plenty but the following signs will tell you when you need to go for a MacBook replacement:

  • You can’t run the updated version of MacOS.
  • You can’t get an Apple Mac Screen Replacement for a shattered screen.
  • A constant lack of free space.
  • Your machine’s components are not powerful enough, such as RAM and battery.
  • Hardware damage, such as motherboard failure, screen damage or charger loss.
  • Frequent software issues.
  • When the timing is right to spend again on a newer model.

Look for Professional MacBook Repair Services

If your Mac is currently facing hardware or software issues, it needs immediate examination and repair.  Going to an Apple repair shop will do you no good other than costing lots of money.  Therefore, it is recommended you find an accredited repair centre that can efficiently cater for all your MacBook Pro motherboard repair needs.  Here’s what you need to look for.

Approach a Reliable MacBook Centre

Make sure that the repair service you are relying on is trustworthy and completely authorized.  No matter how attractive the discounts a repair shops offer, it is highly recommended to go for an accredited repair centre.

Refuse to Use Low Quality Replacement Parts

Sometimes you might end up getting cheaper quotes for the repair but they will use duplicate or below par products for the replacement.  This may seem great at the time due to more attractive aspects, but it can be heavy on your pocket later.  We recommend going for the latest, high quality products.

 Ask for an Estimated Repair Cost Beforehand

It is better to ask the service centre for an estimated repair cost to protect you from any further hassle.  If the estimated costs come in higher than you expected, it would be better to invest in a new model than get the old one repaired.

Final Thoughts

Before you plan to dive in to unauthorized repair centers for MacBook repair in Singapore, we recommend you get a complete insight about the people working there, the quality of products they use and what other people say about them.  Also, if you want to sell your old Mac, get a complete backup of your data and compare the costs of repairing and replacing an old Mac in order to make a wise decision.