No Sound on an iPhone – Here Are the Solutions

Don’t have a sound on your iPhone when it rings, during a call, or while watching a video? When the sound suddenly disappears from an iPhone, the device actually loses most of its functions. Hence, the user faces a lot of inconvenience with such a malfunction, which isn’t avoidable.

However, iPhone repair services can immediately troubleshoot the issue. Even sometimes, simple fixes can fix the problem. But first, it’s necessary to look at the root of the problem.

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Causes For the Lack of Sound

Solutions to Troubleshoot the iPhone Sound’s Issues

  • Check the Silent Switch
  • Check Control Center and Turn Up the Volume
  • Disable “Do Not Disturb” and “Focus”
  • Check your iPhone Speakers
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Check Notifications’ Sound
  • Clean the Speaker Grilles
  • Update your iPhone
  • Reset all Settings

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Causes For the Lack of Sound

The main reasons for the lack of sound include both hardware and software malfunctions. At the same time, it’s not always easy to identify the exact reason for the malfunction of the sound settings, since iPhone users experience a variety of manifestations of this problem. You may accidentally mute the sound while making a call, or the ringing sound itself may be distorted. Or, the original sound of pressing the keys of the device may disappear. 

Let’s find out some phone repair fixes to troubleshoot the sound issues!

Solutions to Troubleshoot the iPhone Sound’s Issues

Check the Silent Switch

There is no icon on the top bar or Control Center of the iPhone which indicates if your iPhone is in silent mode. People put their iPhones in silent mode. Since there is no visible symbol on the screen, the phone will inadvertently go silent with no sound when a new notification or call is received.

To fix this, make sure that the Ring/Silent switch is in the up position (ring mode). If it is turned off, you will see an orange bar.

Check Control Center and Turn Up the Volume

While listening to songs or watching videos, press the volume up button on the left of your iPhone. You can also open the Control Center and drag the volume slider up.

Disable “Do Not Disturb” and “Focus” 

If you’re in the iPhone Control Center and you see the moon icon is purple instead of white, it means your iPhone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode. It disables calls, messages, and app notifications. To make sure your iPhone has sound, tap the crescent moon icon to turn off Do Not Disturb mode.

If you are using the iO5 15, you can see the words Work, Sleep, Personal, etc. It means you have turned on the Focus, which mutes the sound of your iPhone. To fix this, turn off Focus.

Check your iPhone Speakers

Now, let’s quickly test the iPhone speakers before moving on to further fixes.

Open iPhone Settings>Sounds & Tactile and drag the slider under Call & Alerts. If you can hear the ringtone on your iPhone, it means the speakers are working. However, if you cannot hear a sound, it could indicate a hardware problem.

Restart your iPhone

This simple solution has helped several people fix iPhone no sound issues. To restart your iPhone, turn your iPhone off and then turn it back on after a minute. Once this is done, the problem of no sound will be fixed.

Check Notifications’ Sound

iOS offers powerful notification settings. If you don’t hear sound notifications from a particular app, you may have turned it off.

  • Open iPhone settings and tap Notifications.
  • Tap the name of the app.
  • Make sure the sound switch is green.

Note: Sometimes, an app can intentionally send a notification without sound. Basically, these silent notifications tell you about offers, new products, etc.

Clean the Speaker Grilles

Are you worried about no sound on iPhone calls? If so, the speaker may be blocked by the cabinet or dirt. Make sure you remove all obstructions and clean the upper grilles of the headphones. Also, be careful when cleaning the lower speaker grilles. Use a soft dry brush. Don’t use sharp objects such as safety pins.

Update your iPhone

It is always recommended to run the latest version of iOS on iPhone. This will ensure that everything is up to date and all third-party apps and services work fine.

If iPhone audio doesn’t work, download the latest iOS by going to Settings>General>Software Update>Download and Install.

Reset all Settings

If you still fail to reach desired output, then it’s time to reset all settings. If there are no hardware problems, this will most likely fix the problem. However, it might change the settings of your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, notifications, VPN, keyboard, and others. 

  • Firstly, open iPhone settings and choose General>Reset. 
  • Now, click “Reset All Settings” and continue. Hence, the no sound problems will disappear.

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Finally, if none of the above solutions worked to get audio back on the iPhone, it’s most likely a serious hardware issue. Your best bet is to contact our professionals of apple repair in Singapore and schedule a visit. 

We hope the above solutions are helpful and you now have audio on your iPhone. And, you also enjoy the media, and your device rings when you receive an incoming call, text, or notification from the app.

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