Advantages of iPhone Screen Repair over Buying a New Phone!

What could be the biggest heartbreak for a gadget lover? Of course, your answer will be dealing with a broken iPhone screen. Doesn’t matter – how hard you’re playing to keep your phone safe. However, unintentional accidents are unexpected visitors. They can knock on your door time and come along with the biggest expenses. In some cases, the damage is minor, which doesn’t affect the devices. Whereas, some lead to severe both internal and external damages, which make it impossible to tap or scroll the screen correctly. In such scenarios, some people consider the option of buying a new phone while others jump on the repair option.

What would you do in this situation?

Taking recommendations from friends and family, plus professionals of phone repair shop may lead to different and conflicting options, which transforms the situation into worse. At the same time, it’s also true iPhone are such devices that you can’t quickly jump on to buy a new one. Repairing the iPhone seems most advantageous.

In this article, we represent the benefits of repairing an iPhone over purchasing a new one!

Let’s get started!

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Why Decide on Repairing iPhone Rather Than Purchasing a New One?

  • Cost-Effective Repair Price
  • Insurance Coverage
  • AppleCare+
  • Warranty Period
  • Frugal Retail Price


Why Decide on Repairing iPhone Rather Than Purchasing a New One?

Cost-Effective iPhone Repair Price

For restoring your iPhone screen, you can take it to a nearby repair shop. The repair cost of the screen is much less than buying a new iPhone. Even though a damaged phone can’t show that much amount, you can add them for buying a new phone. Additionally, the Apple Store in Singapore reshapes your iPhone professionally into one. The cost of some professionals is much lighter than others. One has to save a lot for buying a new iPhone. Therefore, there is a chance of getting iPhone screen repair in Singapore under a limited budget.

Insurance Coverage

At the time of purchasing an iPhone if you have bought iPhone insurance from the company, you can ask the representative about the warranty policies, including screen repair. The insurance documents can successfully cover the accidental damages. Therefore, while purchasing insurance, consider all the facts and ask the representative what will be covered in the warranty of this device. Repairing your iPhone under insurance may ask for some charges, which will be much less than the actual repair cost and buying a new iPhone.


Applecare+ is another alternative that helps the users in the long run when it comes to repairing Apple devices. Applecare+ is an insurance policy. Once you pay the premium, you only have to pay a certain price whenever your iPhone device requires attention. Applecare+ is a rescue to cut down those highly expensive repair charges and get it back at a free price. Another advantage of Applecare is that the repair also includes replacement if any genuine part is damaged.

Warranty Period

When it comes to repairing a phone, a user must check the warranty offered by the company. If your phone is still under warranty, it’s time to take a quick step towards the store for making the necessary repairs and support. Repairing your iPhone screen from an Apple store is quick services. It’ll opt for less cost rather than purchasing a new iPhone at a high price.

Frugal Retail Price

Buying an iPhone’s new model means paying a full retail price for getting it. In the simplest form, there is no doubt to say that the iPhone comes at a high rate, which is an expensive option. Whereas, repairing a damaged screen from a reputable store will cost you much less. That’s why it’s wise to get a phone screen repaired whenever possible.


If you drop the decision of purchasing a new phone and jump on the decision of repairing the damaged iPhone, you can contact our iDevice Repair Center professionals. Our proficient technicians of iPhone repair in Singapore will take care of everything and give it back to you as it was at the time of purchasing.