Want To Ensure MacBook Data Recovery- 4 Tips To Your Rescue!

The bad instances can happen anywhere, anytime. The only way to stay secured is by taking necessary steps for MacBook data recovery if you lose it.

The biggest loss is always the data loss. Everyone’s day-to-day data is highly precious, and that includes your personal and professional information, financial information, banking details, passwords and so much more! This huge loss can turn out to be catastrophic, and it may take days to get MacBook Repair. You don’t want situation to get any more worse, especially with identity theft crisis.

Wondering what could be the best solution in such scenario- stay prepared for the worst!

Now is the time to ponder upon on a few workarounds that you can apply for data protection on your MAC that can help you retrieve most or all of the data back.

4 Ways of External Hard Drive MacBook Data Recovery

  • Trash restoration
  • Cloud backup
  • Mac drive data recovery software
  • Manual data recovery services

Getting an external hard drive for expanding storage space in iMac or MacBook is quite common these days. It may get difficult to upgrade the internal hard drives of MacBook. One aspect to know here is how often you operate a Mac computer on external hard drive, as the more frequently you use it, higher are the chances for data loss on it. The possible reasons of losing data on MacBook could be:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Disk formatting
  • Disconnecting improperly
  • Poor drive health

Trash Restoration

If the data lost on the external hard drive seems nowhere to be found, first check the Trash Bin right away. When you give the delete command, these files automatically get moved to Trash. Here are the steps to follow for recovering the deleted files from Trash:

  1. Connect the Mac to your external hard drive.
  2. Navigate to Trash icon.
  3. Try to search the deleted file in the trash folder
  4. Use the command “Copy Items” to get back the files back to the previous folder. Even if you select the “Put Back” command, it works similarly.

Recovery with Cloud Backup File

If you have been a Mac user, you already agreed to have secure protection mechanism. This involves backing up all the essential drive files to Cloud. You can use backup device to recover all the lost files from the backup medium.

The MacBook uploads files on a drive named as iCloud Drive. The files saved on iCloud get specifically listed in the iCloud Drive.

Here are the steps to restore Mac files from iCloud:

  • At time of data loss, click on the iCloud Drive.
  • Enter your credentials to get easy access to all the files in iCloud drive folder.
  • Copy all the files back from there to the original folders.

Restoring with Data Recovery Software

There are going to be times when you cannot get easy access to lost data with trash restoration or iCloud back. In such a situation, when no backups were ever created, you will be left with option of reliable Mac external hard drive data recovery software. Look for reputable data recovery software with deep scan ability and all MacOS compatibility. Download for Mac Download for PC

How does the Software work?

The data recovery software runs a quick scan through the disk volume and brings in the desired results. All you have to do is start the quick scan on the Mac with the software and click the “Recover Now” button at the end.

Restoring With Manual MacBook Data Recovery Services

There can be endless logical errors that may hamper the data recovery process. Sometimes even the data recovery software fails to help and you decide to give up on getting the data back. The reasons could be –

  • Hard drive corruption
  • Too many bad sectors
  • Hard drive has fallen apart
  • Heavy clicking/beeping sound

The most reliable solution at such times turns out to be relying on professional MacBook data recovery services by experts. It’s time to let the IT experts handle with manual data recovery services. Here are the necessary aspects to check if data recovery services are reliable enough:

  • Look for certified service center
  • Guarantees data recovery after complete analysis
  • Offers secured data recovery services

You can always ask iDevice SG Store for help, if you come across damages on MacBook external hard drive.

Bonus Tips: How to Avoid External Hard Drive Data Loss

Certain aspects to take care of – to protect data on external hard drive

The most convenient solution that anyone would come up with is to store all the important data by keeping copies of it on an external storage device. The iCloud storage and external hard drives are coming up with huge range of easy solutions.

Even the portable and effective storage devices may come across data loss issues, as hardware failures turn out to be one of the most common reasons. The other possible issues could be virus infection or even cases of software crashes.

Now is the time to keep your data protected in advance! Since data loss may result in huge financial costs, the best way to stay secured is by keeping your data protected in advance.

  1. Make sure you know everything that you are deleting in the files.
  2. Think twice before formatting your external hard drive
  3. Make sure you eject the hard drive in the best way possible and whenever necessary.
  4. Avoid getting in the physical damage issues.
  5. Get the leading anti-virus software to scan your internal and external device
  6. Keep a back-up of all the important files on Cloud drive. You can also use professional backup software available online or even a manual copy.

The Bottom Line

When we lose MacBook data, the first train of thought comes out to find professional services that can help us recover our lost/deleted data. Fortunately, the experts at iDevice SG Store provide professional apple repair in Singapore and help your recover from any data loss scenario on your Mac.

With upcoming OS upgrades including better performance, and personalized experience, now is the time to stay careful while downloading files from unknown sources as the one mere interruption or download can leave you with severe data loss.

The experts always advise you to stay prepared for data loss scenarios. Get in touch with data recovery services to get your data back in three easy steps- Call, Hire and Pay!