How to Repair a Water Damaged MacBook?

Repair a Water Damaged MacBook

Imagine a situation where you accidentally spill water on your MacBook. That would be a really bad and stressful day for a MacBook user. Well, this could happen with anyone and anytime, so you need to be attentive. If you are a Macbook user and want to save your device from any liquid damage, this article is for you. Here you will learn the ways to prevent your MacBook battery with effective DIY techniques. Well, a water-damaged MacBook is not easy to repair. It takes planned strategies and full-proof techniques. 

Fortunately, we have enlisted ways to save a MacBook from damage caused by liquid spillage. We would suggest you have a look over the below-listed techniques.

5 Tips For Repairing Water Damaged MacBook 

1. Device turns off

Prevent your MacBook battery from water damage by turning off your device. Your MacBook’s circuits, screen, and CPU stop functioning when you turn off the device. Press the power button immediately on the keyboard till the system powers down completely.

If water has spilled over the system and you pressed the power button for more than five seconds, but the keyboard is not responding, that means your keyboard is damaged. So, use the mouse to turn off the device at this time. Try to switch it off because it will help soak the surface’s moisture. Once you close the MacBook, it will trigger the sleep sensor of a computer.

2. Unplugging 

At the time of water damage, your first concern should be safety. So, make sure electricity and water never mix because they may create damage. That is why your immediate step has to be to unplug the charger from the socket or turn off the switch.

Moreover, if you have attached USBs or other peripherals, then try to unplug them as soon as possible.  

3. Remove Battery

Does your MacBook have a removable battery? If so, then it’s great. Take out the power source to save your MacBook battery from damage.

But if your MacBook has a non-removable battery, the process will be tough. Flip your device, then use a screwdriver (never use a metal screwdriver) to lose the screws of the device. Use a plastic stick or fingernail to remove the power source gently. Moreover, if you are not able to do this, surface pro repair Singapore can help you. They can save your MacBook battery with technical expertise. 

4. Soak water

If you want to prevent long-term device damage, then soak the water. Here you can use a microfiber towel and cloth to wipe the water from a MacBook. Additionally, you can use a cotton ball or swabs to absorb liquid from the MacBook corners. It will help to absorb the moisture in your device.

5. 48-hours air dry

To air-dry your MacBook, find a table. It should be undisturbed where you can keep the laptop for air drying for at least two days (48 hours). Keep the laptop in a ventilated and cool space with a fan.

Make your MacBook open at 90 degrees angle. Now, make sure your keyword must hang over the edge of the laptop. It will help to dry the MacBook battery and drain liquid from the motherboard.

Precautions To Keep In Your Mind

There are some precautions you can take before any damage to your device. As you know, precaution is better than cure, so prevent this situation from happening.

  • Drink Cover

It is the very first and the easiest way to prevent water damage. When drinking beverages while working, use a utensil with a cap. It will allow you to cover the beverages or other drinks with a lid. Following this will not let the liquid come out when a drink tumbles.

  • Distancing                   

Well, one more idea is to keep your liquid at a distance with your MacBook. If you will put water sources away from the device, this will save the MacBook battery.

You might know that liquid takes one or more seconds to spread on a surface, so keeping it away will give you some time to save your Mac. This is how you will put your device in a safe location.

  • Buy Protective Gears

You can use screen guards, silicon lids, laptop sleeves, and keyboard covers to prevent liquid spill. Using these protections will save your device as well as prevent water from spreading over the laptop.

Final Words 

We hope these tips will help you to repair a water damaged MacBook. But if you are not able to fix your MacBook, then a MacBook repair service would be the best option. They will save your device and suggest some preventive measures for the future. 

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