Dos and Don’ts of a Water Damaged MacBook

water damaged macbook

Liquids and electronics can never be friends and we realize this hard truth when our workhorse, the MacBook faces the problems of water damages. Though we always try to keep our MacBook safely, cleaning it timely there are some adversities that can’t be avoided just like accidental water spills. If that’s the case with you too, don’t panic. All you need is to have the right idea about what exactly has to be done at that moment. Here are some dos and don’ts for this kind of situation of water damage on the MacBook, which will prove to be helpful to you for minimizing the damages. 


  • Turn it off: The moment when you accidentally spilled water on your MacBook, the first thing to be done is to turn off the system immediately. Press and hold the power button for a force shutdown.
  • Unplug the charger: In case, your MacBook is attached to the charger, quickly unplug it as you encounter the water spill.
  • Wipe off the water on the system: Immediately start wiping off the visible liquid. Use a clean cloth to soak that water before it seeps into the device.
  • Don’t let the liquid move around: Liquid reaching to electronics end up damaging it. Avoid moving the MacBook so frequently which might end up in the moving of liquid and end up creating more risk of reaching to other components of the device and damaging it.
  • Stick it in rice: Keep your MacBook in the bag of rice safely without moving the liquid around. Rice is known as a natural desiccant and thus has the capabilities to soak the water and help in drying off your MacBook.
  • Reach out to professionals: In such critical situations, the assistance of professionals for MacBook water damage is the best you need. Reach out for the services of iDevice and let the experts to the work fix your issue of water damaged MacBook.


  • Don’t try to turn it on: As you turn off the MacBook, don’t keep on trying to switch it on. It would do nothing but worsen the situation.
  • Using hair dryer: Don’t try to blow dry your MacBook. Least knows the fact that MacBook keys are quite susceptible to melt when coming in contact to high temperature. Thus, trying to dry it with a hairdryer would just increase the damages.
  • Disassemble the computer: We definitely don’t want you to end up creating more menace for yourself and your MacBook. Thus, it is clearly denied to disassemble the system if you had the thought to clean it from inside. It is something which only professionals should do.

Water damages of MacBook can be critical but considering these dos and don’t you can minimize the chances of any further damage. Count on the professional service for MacBook Repair as the repairing experts at iDevice Repair Centre will help you get the device fixed, that too at genuine prices.