What Gadgets Could Make It To The List Of Best Gadgets Of 2019?


The year 2019 has been one hell of a ride. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, we feel that this year was an awakening call we all needed. Not only in our personal lives, we believe that we have become more sound in the technology sector than we were in the previous year. There have been so many technological advancements this year that overwhelmed is the only feeling inside us right now. The app developers and technicians have left no stone unturned in making the world a dream come true for all the tech savvies.   In 2019, not only did we see brand new gadgets erupt, but the refinement and refreshment in old technologies were clear as well. Witnessing a surge of developments in processors and PCs and novelty in wireless headphones and foldables has made us believe that we are going on the right track. The last 12 months have seen genuine innovations, striking design improvements, and, most numerous of all, items best filed under “more of the same.” Apart from the most luxurious smartphones, there were a plethora of devices and technologies that were the modest items introduced. Let us plunge into the intricate details of all the devices.

What Gadgets Could Make It To The List Of Best Gadgets Of 2019?

Apple Watch
Best Gadgets Of 2019
Macbook Pro 16''
iPhone 11 Pro
Apple Watch
MacBook Pro Repair

• Macbook Pro 16-inch

Being the newest and the most magnificent member (and not to forget the largest), this Macbook Pro 16-inch is the evidence that Apple can make the most fantastic notebooks ever to grace the planet. There is no hiding the fact that ardent users like us have had problems with recent MacBook Pros, but this model promises to alleviate all those glitches. With a decent keyboard and fantastic new features, the device is sure to prove a blessing. Thanks to its gorgeous 16-inch display and updated Intel processors and revamped AMD graphics, the MacBook Pro 16-inch is something we all are vouching for. There are a plethora of unique and magnificent features that distinguish the MacBook Pro 16-inch from most other workhorse laptops. To name a few, its microphone configuration matches the sound quality of pricey USB condenser mics, and an excellent speaker array makes the laptop sound like a dedicated pair of speakers.  The most unsettling thing for the Apple device lovers was that Apple finally stopped prioritizing ultra-thin designs over functionality. Even though the fact was a bit startling, it came off as relaxing news. The MacBook Pro 16-inch is an even more powerful notebook with more innovative new features than its predecessor, MacBook Pro 15-inch model. And the unique part is that it is a bit chunkier and more cumbersome. By looking at its design and features, we can proudly say that Apple is best at doing what it does – crafting superb-yet-powerful hardware that is sure to render all the PC users envious.

• Iphone 11 Pro

This year, the industry seemed like it was obsessed with folding gimmicks. In a time like this, it is immensely hard for any smartphone to break out. But the iPhone 11 took the bait and became a whole lot better than the other models. It was predictably faster, better and had more cameras than ever. Even though it is probably Apple’s most expensive innovation, but it sure is worth every penny. It is uniquely designed to tackle one of the perennial issues in almost all smartphones, the issue of mediocre battery life. The innovative model is home to some of the most pondered-over features. With a barely noticeable design, the device is 0.02 inches thicker than the iPhone XS Max and a new L-shaped battery cell; it is winning the hearts of Apple lovers. And the best part is the added four hours of use.  And the cameras are a whole different story altogether. If we talk about a decade ago, Apple was undoubtedly in the lead of the camera revolution. But, in the previous few years, Apple has recently lagged behind the competition. We are not sure of the reason, but we assume it is probably the lack of better innovations. Let bygones be bygones. With the iPhone 11 Pro, all the drawbacks have been caught up. With the Deep Fusion, which adds to the improved textures and detail and the ultra-wide-angle cameras for squeezing in crowds, the model has arguably reclaimed the top spot. The enhanced night shooting mode and the landscapes make iPhone 11 Pro on equal photography footing with the Galaxy Note 10 and other pricey innovations.

• Apple Homekit Devices

The HomeKit devices introduced by Apple are the best solution if you are looking to control your home using Siri commands. Being Apple’s platform for smart home products, HomeKit comes baked into every iPhone and iPad that the company sells. To take advantage of such an innovative find, all you have to do is just download Apple’s free Home App and pair it with your HomeKit compatible smart home gadgets. Apple introduced a plethora of them this year. Let us have a quick overview of all of them.

Best Homekit Hub- Apple Tv 4k-

All the Apple HomeKit devices can be easily paired with your iPhone as soon as you set them up, but if you want to control products while being away from home, a HomeKit Hub is all you need. This works as a bouncer for your home’s network. Apple compels you to choose between three expensive Apple gadgets that can all do the jobs. A third-gen-or-better Apple TV, the HomePod smart speaker, and an always-on iPad.

Best Smart Thermostat For Homekit-

Ecobee3 Lite- If you are in the market looking for a smart thermostat that is uniquely designed to support Siri’s control via Apple HomeKit, then this is the perfect solution for you. Even though it is the newest, it only adds in a built-in Alexa speaker to the experience. You might not also find this the most significant drawback if you are anchoring your smartphone to Apple HomeKit and centering on Siri for voice controls.

Best Camera For Homekit- Logitech Circle 2-

This is the device introduced in the market that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The best part is that it has already been tested out with Apple HomeKit and was found to be very responsive and reliable. The wired design means that you would have to keep it close to an outlet. This device allows you to view the feed straight from the home app.

• Bigger, Lighter And Portable Laptops

This year was full of sleek yet excellent innovations. And Good Lord, the laptops sure got a facelift this year. And as we thought that the range of laptops couldn’t get any more elegant, Dell launched a new XPS 13. It is undoubtedly the perfect ultraportable innovation of the year. This year the mainstream laptops got a whole lot lighter and thinner. After years of incremental improvements, the coming of more powerful innovations without sacrificing battery life was expected. Laptop makers were even successful in delivering powerhouse notebooks. 

• Apple Watch Series 4

The spiffy new design and bigger screen with charmingly curved display corners are what make the product even more appealing than it already was. The Apple Watch, being a health gadget, is clearly like planting a flag in the sand. Excellent activity monitoring is what makes the gadget a superb way of making our lives better. The device introduced a software which works with all versions of Apple Watch apart from the very first. WatchOS 5 allows you the liberty to recognize when you are going for an outdoor walk. It would even ask whether you want the whole step recorded or not. But the real advances that came were in the Series 4 hardware. With improved heart rate monitoring, the device comes with the advanced capability of taking an accurate ECG reading.

• Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switches being pretty compromised as handheld gadgets can be a big hassle for all the gamers out there. They can be enormous and bulky, and the battery gives out very quickly. Nintendo’s new switch, The Switch Lite, is a massive upgrade. It doesn’t appear significantly smaller than the regular one, but it is much more comfortable for long sessions. The innovative D-pad on the Switch Lite reminds the users of what they have been missing out on. It was indeed a fabulous year for all the gamers out there.  This year was undoubtedly the most enterprising when it came to technological advancements. Sure, there were many redundant technologies as well, but the world is a more advanced place now. No matter how progressive the technology gets, there will always be room for some technical glitches and issues. And for resolving them, you need a professional repair and recovery service. Who better than iDevice Repair Centre, Singapore, which is home to some immensely qualified technicians. They are sure to resolve all your repair issues without you having to go through any hassle. All you need to do is trust them with your devices.