Most Effective Tips to Fix a Broken MacBook Screen

Most Effective Tips to Fix a Broken MacBook Screen

Have you seen a crack on your MacBook screen? We agree it is one of the most confusing situations. But don’t worry, sit back and keep calm because we have the best solution for you.

You might know that MacBook screen repair professionals can fix the broken screen. But do you know what other options you have to fix this issue?

Well, to clear your doubts we have written this article. Furthermore, you will know the most effective tips for fixing the Mac screen, its reasons, and preventive measures. Have a look!

Tips To Fix Broken Screen Of MacBook

1. Apple Care Protection Plan

You would be very lucky if your MacBook is under the apple care protection plan. No doubt it’s an expensive plan, but it covers all damages to your device. It provides damage repair till three years after purchasing a MacBook.

Moreover, your Mac screen can be replaced at any Apple repair centre in Singapore or another region if you have this plan. Yes, you don’t need to pay a penny for the screen replacement.

So, it’s the first tip to check the warranty card and see if you could claim for the broken screen of the MacBook.

2. Replacement 

If you have bought a new Mac just a few days before, you are on the safer side. You can easily get your screen replaced and even a MacBook replacement for free of cost. So, find your warranty card and head towards the Apple repair centre in your area.

Also, it is the easiest option for fixing a broken screen. However, if your MacBook is not in the warranty period, then this would be cost-effective.

3. External Hardware

One more option available is external hardware fixing. You can use a VGA adapter (mini) to plug your device into an external monitor. However, it will never let your MacBook remain the same because it will not support the touch function on your screen. No doubt, it will make your dead MacBook work again.

4. DIY Technique 

Well, we must say it’s not applicable to all users. Only trained people can opt for this technique. Buy a screen from the Apple store or other hardware providers. Now, remove the old screen and fix the new one in your MacBook. Remember, only a technical person can perform this action because the MacBook is a very delicate device.

5. MacBook Screen Repair by Professionals

It is one of the most authentic options for your MacBook. iDevice Repair Centre can fix your broken Mac screen, repairing an issue with perfection. It is a leading MacBook repair service provider. Further, you will get quality work at an affordable price. The perfectly-trained professionals will deal with your device. 

Causes Of MacBook Broken Screen

There are many reasons for the broken screen of your MacBook. Some of them are listed below.

  • A screen might get damaged in an accident.
  • The Mac screen might be dead because of a hardware or software issue in a device
  • One more reason is the dead motherboard which leads to a black screen.
  • Accidentally a device falling on the floor could break the screen.

Preventive Measures To Protect MacBook Screen

Now, let’s have a look over some basic preventive measures you can opt for to protect the MacBook from damaged screen issues.

  • Always carry a MacBook bag with you while travelling
  • Keep liquid or fluid away from your MacBook
  • Clean screen and keyboard regularly
  • Update your software with the time
  • Never give your device to inauthentic repairing service providers.


Are you still worried about fixing your MacBook screen? We hope no more!

Well, this guide is a saviour for newbies seeking ways to fix their device’s screen affordably. For a secured and guaranteed service, iDevice Repair Centre is the right choice for MacBook owners. With screen fixing, you will get other services like parts repairing, solving hardware and software issues, battery damage, etc. Furthermore, there will be no hidden charges. And we offer transparency throughout the entire repair process. 

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