Is Your Macbook Pro Not Turning On? Learn Ways To Fix It

Ways To Fix Your MacBook That Won't Turn On

Trying to turn on your MacBook but can only see a black screen? There could be numerous reasons for MacBook Pro Not Turning On.

A damaged power cable, defective wire, or software issue are some of the reasons that demand a quick detection of your MacBook. Usually, MacBook Pro battery replacement becomes the most desired option for the user, but there are some DIY techniques you can try.

Well, in this article, we have mentioned some of the reasons why the MacBook doesn’t turn on and the top 5 tips to fix your laptop. Check the full article. 

What Are The Indications Of A MacBook That Doesn’t Turn On? 

While pressing the touch or power button, sometimes, you don’t see any picture or any other type of visuals. You might not even hear fan noise, spinning drive noise, startup chime, then your MacBook might not turn on. Moreover, you can say your MacBook doesn’t have any power sign at all.

  • Now, find out what the problem is with your MacBook. You need to do a few things like; 
  • Use a new adapter or power cable. 
  • Check power connection. 
  • Turn on after disconnecting all accessories from your MacBook. 

If these tricks don’t work, then you need to dig them and move to expert advice. 

5 Ways To Fix a MacBook Pro that Not Turning On

1. Increase the brightness of the MacBook

First of all, you need to check the display of your MacBook. If your screen is still black, try to increase the keyboard’s brightness. It may seem silly, but sometimes we forget to check the basic things.

Hold the F2 button on the keyword, which makes the screen bright. Well, on the MacBook Pro, you can only set brightness with the Touch Bar. So, if the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro isn’t lit up, then it won’t turn on.

2. Check Power connections

There is one more thing to keep in mind, when your MacBook doesn’t turn on, check if it is plugged in properly. Further, you can wait for a few minutes and put it in charge, then turn it on again. Also, don’t forget to verify the power outlet with a lamp to ensure that the outlet is functioning correctly. 

3. Damaged battery 

Battery failure could be a reason for the MacBook being turned off. To solve this, you can visit the Macbook pro repair center. As you know, the new Mac doesn’t provide access to open battery cases by yourself. 

Moreover, there are chances that the battery is fluffed or may be damaged, which causes the system to turn off. If the battery is not in working condition, you can opt for MacBook pro battery replacement services. Once the MacBook gets a new battery, it will turn and work seamlessly. 

4. Boot MacBook 

Try pressing the power button; if you hear any sound of fans, it’s a software issue. You can try booting your MacBook. 

  • If you have a Mac with an external keyboard, then
  • Click and hold the Option key from the keyboard.
  • Now, click the Boot Camp icon
  • Choose Restart in macOS.
  • It will set the default operating system to macOS.

5. Reset SMC

The system management control (SMC) helps manage and receive an action for the power-on process. So, when your system doesn’t turn on, your MacBook needs to reset the SMC.

Follow the below-listed steps for resetting the SMC on your MacBook.

  • Hold the power button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Now connect the charger. Further, continue holding the power button by pressing Shift and Control on the keyboard.
  • Now release keys.
  • As you have reset SMC successfully, try to turn on your device now.

Final Words 

We hope this article will be helpful for you to fix your MacBook, not turning on the issue by yourself. Furthermore, following the above-listed steps will be beneficial for MacBook users. 

If you can’t turn on your device, then there is one more option to connect with a professional service provider. iDevice Repair Center is one of the leading companies offering MacBook repair, battery replacement, and laptop repair in Singapore. Write your problems to us!