Common Issues Faced By Macbook Users And Its Solutions

Common Issues Faced By Macbook Users And Its Solutions

The MacBook is one of the best laptops available on the market. No doubt, it offers the best working experience to users. But there are some common problems that annoy the users.

You might have heard about MacBook issues like fast battery drain, glitches, data loss, etc. And these common issues lead you to the MacBook battery repair centre. But there are other solutions too.

Well, we have mentioned some common day-to-day problems with MacBook users and their DIY solutions. Check out if you are experiencing the same or not.

Problems And Solutions For Securing Your MacBook 

MacBook Battery Issue

It is one of the most experienced problems by MacBook users. Usually, the MacBook battery is not known for the long run and drains faster.

Solution- Power Management Reset

Your battery drainage can be solved by resetting Power Management and restarting your system. Moreover, resetting SMC will help in saving battery. But note down, if your device dies between reading/writing, it may cause a severe data loss.

Solve battery issues by resetting SMC

  • First, shut down your MacBook
  • Click on the power button, then hold the ‘Shift, Control, and Option keys together
  • Then release all the keys for booting the MacBook.
  • When your system turns on, you will see the power issue is solved.

The main reason for data loss is the unexpected Mac shutdown. So, keep a backup for files; otherwise, the MacBook repair centre will help you.

Accidentally Files Deleted From Trash

The deleted files get saved in Trash automatically. But do you know sometimes files are emptied from the trash folder too? However, you can easily restore them from the recycle bin.

Solution: Recover or data recovery software 

  • Search for deleted files
  • Right-click on them
  • Choose put back option

Following the same will help you to recover deleted files. But if your files get deleted from Trash, then it’s not easy to restore them. You have to opt for a MacBook data recovery software to restore deleted files. Installing this software will help you to deal with severe Mac issues as well as it will save the time and effort needed to recover. 

Unrecognised External Drive    

Mac users often face the issue of mounting an external drive. The Mac shows errors like not recognizing the external drive. Users don’t find any visible drive in the Finder, which annoys people. To access data, we have listed a few solutions below.

Solution- Mount and recover data 

  • First, unplug your external drive, then restart your MacBook.
  • Now, connect the external drive again.
  • Boot your MacBook or iMac in a Safe Mode. It will help to verify if there are any unnecessary plugins creating issues or not.
  • You can try to connect the hard drive to a different port.
  • Now, install driver updates available.
  • If the hard drive is still not visible, try to swap the hard drive enclosure.

When nothing works, then a Mac repair expert is the best option left. Also, we suggest you backup your data first and then move to a further process.

macOS Performance Issues

After a few months of usage, users experience performance issues in their MacBook.

Solution- Restoring macOS.

You can follow some steps to solve the performance issues.

  • Hold the Command and R keys and restart your MacBook.
  • Don’t release the keys till the Apple logo is visible.
  • In the macOS, Utility window, choose Disk Utility
  • Click Continue option
  • Choose Startup Volume and tap Unmount
  • Click on Erase option
  • Now, exit Disk Utility
  • Choose the reinstall macOS option
  • Click on the Continue button.


We hope you have got a full-proof solution for the problems you are facing with your MacBook. If you are not able to solve them by yourself, then head to a MacBook repair in Singapore or in your locality. They will help you deal with the major issues professionally and suggest ways to secure devices in the future.

Are you facing any other problems with your MacBook? If yes, then we have a better solution for you. The iDevice repair centre is the right platform to trust on. They have an expert who serves you the best and most reliable service related to iPhone or MacBook.

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