Macbook Pro A1706 Flexgate Repair Solution 2020

Macbook Pro Flexgate Repair

This issue is common, much had experience and most do not know of the solution except changing the screen which cost around $600 – $980. 

But iDevice Repair Centre have found a solution to a cheaper fixing. Although the method is not simple as this are the things that are require to repair 

Equipment needed.

  • BGA heat gun 
  • Soldering Iron 
  • Flux 
  • Solder Paste 183 degree melting
  • 0.01mm Isolated copper wire 
  • Advance micro-soldering skill (As the soldering space is very thin)

From the video we have here it indicate that you will need to do a jumper to fix the issue. 

The method that we do will reduce the brightness slight by 2 – 3 bar. If you’re concern of the brightness the best solution is to replace the whole lcd display 

But if not, this will be the best solution for now. 

Previously what we did was doing jumper on all of the connection. 

Example below. This jumper took around 1 – 2 hours to complete. 

Although it’s working fine now. With this kind of method the display stay working for only 2 weeks. Due to continuous usage the jumper wire was not flexible enough to handle. And so this happened. The connection between the wire and connection detach and causing the same issue as before happening. 

So from that one our engineer figure that maybe we can modify the process and make it work in other ways. 

Since what it’s controlling is just the light and there should be a solution to have the current pass through. 

Have a look at this video as we share the process of our repair