Tips to Save Your Laptop From Liquid Damage!

People often accidentally spill liquids such as tea, water, milk, coffee, and juices on their laptops. And liquid in any form can seriously cause damage if you don’t take the appropriate measures in time. These spills can destroy the laptop immediately due to damage to the circuits that form a natural bridge between them.

Hence, it may boot, become unresponsive, display nothing, or make different noises depending on where the leak went. The liquid spills on your laptop it may damage the device entirely. Therefore, it’s necessary to turn off the device immediately.

In such a scenario, you can take help from professionals for laptop repair. They provide full assistance in turning it on and bringing the deleted files.

What else can we do in this situation?

Let’s find out!

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How to Save Your Laptop from Liquid Damage?

  • Disconnect the AC Adapter
  • Turn the Laptop Upside Down
  • Dry the Laptop With Soft Cloth
  • Disassemble the Laptop
  • Take help of Professionals
  • Keep All Parts and Laptop Outdoor
  • Completely Dry the Laptop Before Assembling it

Wrapping Up!

How to Save Your Laptop from Liquid Damage?

Disconnect the AC Adapter

If you spill liquid on your laptop, disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery from it immediately. So, no current flows through the circuits. Now, remove the battery which is usually held by the locks on the bottom, and any peripherals connected. If you can’t remove the battery for any reason, turn it off.

Turn the Laptop Upside Down

If liquid spills on your laptop, turn it upside down for maximum drainage. Make sure all the water is draining out of it and leave it in this position until the water stops flowing. It’ll take a maximum of 8-12 hours.

Dry the Laptop With Soft Cloth

Using a hairdryer for draining the water can cause moisture to enter it and cause static damage. After 8-12 hours, take a soft paper towel or cloth to dry all visible liquid. Thoroughly, dry the currently available parts as soon as possible to avoid corrosion and short circuits. Otherwise, it’ll destroy the laptop by damaging small chips on it. This might end up with expensive repairs or purchases.

Disassemble the Laptop

After draining the water, you need to disassemble the laptop. Since there are thousands of models, you can search Google for a service manual, or take the help of technicians to disassemble it. It would be a good idea to take pictures or follow the steps to complete the disassembling. So, you can reassemble without any problems.

Take help of Professionals

If you can’t find the manual or aren’t comfortable with it, do not continue. So, take it to a repair shop or service centre. Our experts of data recovery in Singapore will thoroughly look for the components and dry those parts and other parts of the motherboard that they have access to. So, we remove all visible moisture with a lint-free cloth and use compressed air if air can dry inside the laptop.

Keep All Parts and Laptop Outdoor

For draining the water, keep all parts outdoors so that the moisture completely evaporates. However, it’s necessary to keep your laptop upside-down. Otherwise, the water will begin to corrode the parts dissolved in it. Keep it for at least 24 to 42 hours to get dried. The more time you let it dry, the better.

Completely Dry the Laptop Before Assembling it

Ensure that all components are completely dry before assembling. When you turn it on for the first time, you don’t need to attach a hard drive or battery as you just want to check if it turns on or not. If this is the case, connect both of them and use them as before. If your laptop still won’t turn on, unplug the adapter, remove the battery, and press the power button for 30 seconds.

Wrapping Up!

Fixing the problem before it occurs can save you a lot of hassle. You should try to keep all kinds of liquids and food away from it, as most of the keyboards are not sealed and most of the damage is caused by water due to the gaps between the keys and into the motherboard.

If you fail to protect it, visit the nearby store of laptop repair in Singapore. They’ll provide the accurate examination and return it back after a few days. With a team of professionals, you can retrieve the accidentally deleted data and assure a guarantee of data recovery services also.