Repair OR Replace Your Damaged Laptop – How to Decide?

Repair OR Replace Your Damaged Laptop - How to Decide

Have you ever been confused about whether replacing or repairing your laptop could be helpful? Well, it’s a common situation every user faces once in their life when the device warranty expires.

As you know, a normal laptop has an average life of 5 years to 7 years, after that laptop starts creating problems. And that is the situation when users seek laptop repair services in their locality. But sometimes, you need to replace your device because repairing doesn’t even count as an option. 

Well, don’t worry because we have made a guide to ease your decision. It will help you to choose whether to repair or replace your damaged laptop. Read this write-up to know how!

Ways To Decide On Repairing And Replacement Of Laptop

1. Check over the cost.

Identify the damages in the parts of your laptop. If one or two parts of your computer aren’t working, laptop or PC repair could work. However, if major parts such as the motherboard are damaged, you may choose to replace them.  

Repairing works for some minor parts but not for the main components. So, analyze the cost of the new laptop and the money needed to repair the old one.

For example, repairing the burnt or damaged motherboard can rip off your pocket. So, it’s better to spend on a new one. Moreover, we suggest spending on repairing if the cost is less than 30% of the replacement cost. 

2. 50% Rule always work 

You might have heard about the 50% rule. It is a very common formula users apply for deciding on replacing and repairing. What is it? Well, we will explain it!

The 50% rule means calculating the price of replacement and repairing a damaged laptop. 

Let’s take an example; if the price of replacement is $300 and you can buy a new laptop for $600, so hang on. Instead of replacing it, you can add $300 and buy a new one. It is because the laptop repair service center may offer you a four months or six months warranty. However, buying a new laptop is great because it will last longer. 

Hopefully, you understand the 50% rule to decide between repair and replacement of damaged laptops. 

3. Outdated version of laptop

A layman uses a laptop until it fulfills their work requirements. But at some point, your device needs an updated version to run specific software.

If your device is incapable of installing the latest versions or has problems in coping with modern technologies, you must prefer a new one. Don’t waste your money on repairing damaged laptops again and again. It won’t work!

For example, you work on Picasa on an everyday basis, but if your laptop isn’t able to run that software, the damaged one needs to be replaced.

Well, every six months, new laptops come with the latest technologies. But here you need to stop yourself because you can’t go for every latest version. So it’s highly advisable to think about whether you need a new model of laptop? Suppose your work is limited to sharing emails and creating sheets; you can surf these things on any device. It doesn’t demand the updated or newest version. 

Final Thoughts 

Have you decided on whether you want laptop repair or replacing is the only option? If so, we would recommend researching some factors before sticking to a service center or buying a new one. It includes cost, the background check, customer reviews, and so on. 

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