Quick Guide on Computer Ports and How to Clean Them!

When you hear the term “Computer Ports”, what do you think of it? USB ports? TCP/IP ports?

This can be confusing. 

Generally, there are two classes of ports – physical and virtual. The USB port is an example of a physical port and the TCP/IP port is an example of a virtual port. Both classes can be found on almost any electronic device. 

Nowadays, the most modern workstation or gaming PC isn’t self-sufficient and can’t function without connecting various devices to them.

So, you need a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. However, this isn’t all that can be connected to a computer. On its back, there are a bunch of connectors that allow you to connect anything.

Even, each port has different functions and properties. And for smooth results, it’s essential to keep at the top-notch condition. Dust particles and debris can damage the internal structure of ports.

As a result, the wires connected to ports will stop working. They will no longer provide optimum functionality. Hence, it’s necessary to clean them regularly. So, you don’t experience any problems while working on a computer or laptop. 

In fact, a professional technician also performs computer repair services if you’re able to reach the desired output. They have the right cleaning solutions and tools to wipe the ports.

In the following guide, we’ll discuss in detail about – computer ports and how to clean them.

Let’s have a look!

Table of Content

What are Computer Ports?
How to Clean Computer Ports?

  • Use Straw for Removing Dust
  • Clean Ports with Cotton Buds

Turn to Professionals for Cleaning Computers

What are Computer Ports?

Generally, ports are the connectors that are needed to connect various peripheral devices to the system unit. Connectors are located on the back, front, and sides of the computer or laptops. Each device contains a standard number of ports, without which its normal operation is impossible.

Usually, a monitor, mouse, and keyboard must be connected to the case. If necessary, the number of connectors can be increased using expansion cards that are connected to the motherboard.

Well, there are different types of computer ports. Here are some of them.

  • Computer USB ports
  • VGA video card
  • DVI video card
  • HDMI video card
  • DisplayPort graphics card connector
  • Speaker and microphone connectors

How to Clean Computer Ports?

Usually, a time comes when you discover that your charger or other connectors aren’t properly connecting with the ports. This could have happened due to many reasons. Also, the most common one is dust. That’s why it’s essential to carry out the proper procedure for cleaning ports.

Use Straw for Removing Dust

The first action to take place is to remove dust from the ports with air under pressure. Some professionals use straw that has attached compressed air can. The overall purpose is to eliminate the dust from ports with air. So, it would be good enough if you propel the air at a specific angle, but not perpendicular to the port.

Clean Ports with Cotton Buds

In case, if you still find it dirty and unable to connect connectors with ports, you can clean dust and other debris through a piece of cotton bud or cotton cloth.

However, it’s recommended that gently insert the cotton bud through the port. But, don’t try to clean it with a rigid or hard material like wire. A rigid tool can damage the internal structure or the connection pins, which can disable the port. 

Therefore, taking recommendations from a PC repair technician is also an excellent choice to clean and repair a device if its ports have been stopped working.

Turn to Professionals for Cleaning Computers

Usually, computers, laptops, and phones tend to slow down over time due to less space in the hard drive or dust. So, a time comes when you require the help of a computer repair technician.

These are professionals and equipped with well-versed approaches to repair and restore the accidentally deleted data. 

iDevice Repair Centre offers a comprehensive array of computer repair and data recovery services. By simply bringing your computer or laptop to our store, we’ll perform a proper diagnostic on your device and repair and clean your laptop within a few hours.