Common Laptop Issues and Their Potential Fixes

Laptops are known for their portability and convenience of usage. However, like any other electronic device, they are prone to various faults. So, a few issues with your laptop can leave it completely useless if not repaired timely. Every other laptop problems is different based on the respective fault. In some cases, you can resolve the issue with the device by implementing a few steps on your own. Whereas, in some circumstances, you need to go to an expert for laptop repair in Singapore and get professional help.

So, if your device ran into a serious fault, get in touch with a laptop repair specialist like iDevice Repair Centre at your earliest. Moreover, we have curated the most common laptop problems with their potential fixes. So, let’s check them out.

Most Common Laptop Problems and Their Solutions

Laptop Not Turning On

If the device does not turn on after pressing the power key, it can be a simple battery issue or a complete system failure. Firstly, make sure that the laptop battery is sufficiently charged. If you are not sure whether the device has enough battery or not, plug in the power adapter for some time. 

If the laptop still doesn’t boot up, it indicates either the charger is not working or the device’s motherboard is unable to take power. Hence, you can try replacing the laptop charger. However, if the same problem persists it is a sign of a motherboard issue.

Motherboard faults require vast knowledge and practical experience working on computer systems to repair. For this reason, you should get in touch with an experienced repair specialist to properly diagnose the problem and get it fixed effectively.

Nothing Visible on Laptop Screen

At times, the laptop displays go completely blank. This situation is frustrating as the system sounds and LED indicators are working, but nothing shows up on the screen. To troubleshoot this issue, disconnect the charger and connect it again. If the screen is still blank, keep the power key pressed for a few seconds to “force shut down” the system. 

Afterwards, restart the laptop with the power button. If the issue is still not fixed, there is likely a “memory failure”. One can diagnose this issue by checking the external devices one by one. So, disconnect the keyboard, mouse, and USB drive, and see if the screen becomes visible or not. 

If there is still no activity on the screen, the internal components like hard disk, RAM, and CPU; need to be individually checked. In such a situation, you should take the laptop to a repair centre and get it checked by a professional. Also, there may be a need for a laptop screen replacement, depending on the intensity of the fault. So, it is better to have expert assistance to effectively resolve the issue.

Weird Sounds Coming From Laptop

It is natural for laptops to make some sound when running as they have so many mechanical components. For example, the cooling fan, the hard disk’s head and platter, etc. While normal sounds are natural, the loud and unpleasant sounds are indications of a fault in the device.

For instance, if your laptop is making rattling or grinding sounds, there is a possibility that the cooling fan has some issue. Most likely, it has some dust in it that is not letting it rotate properly. Besides, there may be other problems with the cooling fan. 

However, if the fan is working perfectly, there are chances that your device has a faulty hard drive. In such a scenario, contact iDevice Repair Centre for hard drive repair as they are the most trusted name for laptop repair in Singapore. Also, don’t forget to backup your important data before bringing or sending the device for repair. 

Laptop Battery Not Charging Properly

If your laptop has battery issues, it is a common sign that the device is ageing. However, one can resolve this issue by simply moving and adjusting the charger’s connector. Maybe it got loose or not inserted properly in the charging port. Consequently, the device is charging at a slow speed or may stop charging altogether.

Moreover, examine the charger cable and make sure it is in good condition. Damaged or frayed cable is another cause of charging related issues. So, check the charger’s cord, charging port, and the adapter itself. If everything is working fine, it means there is an issue with the device’s battery.

If the laptop battery has faults, there is nothing much one can do to get it repaired. Hence, in most cases, you need a laptop battery replacement from a professional. One must only trust a reputable shop for laptop repair, to get an original battery installed in the device. 

Laptop Showing Distorted Visuals

Do you notice some change in the way the content is displayed on the device’s screen? Maybe the colours are a bit off, or the overall visuals are weird. If yes, most probably the device’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) ran into a problem.

Distorted display causes problems in the regular usage of the device. Especially, if you are doing some task that requires colour accuracy, such as photo or video editing, you won’t be able to differentiate between the colours.

A common way to diagnose this problem is to connect the device to an external monitor and check the visuals. If the content is properly shown on the other monitor, it is evident that there is some issue with the laptop screen.

However, if the device shows distorted visuals on the other monitor too, the video cable or motherboard may have a fault. Still, you need not worry as a laptop motherboard repair professional can fix the most complex issues with your laptop in a short time. Hence, contact a laptop repair specialist to get the device repaired fastly and securely.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

Sometimes the keyboard of the laptop stops working. In some cases, one or two keys show this problem, whereas the keyboard stops functioning altogether in extreme cases. If the keys get stuck in the pressed position, carefully removing the keycaps and cleaning the dust can be a potential fix.

However, if this method doesn’t work, you need to get the laptop’s keyboard replaced. iDevice Repair Centre is the one-stop solution for laptop repair. Our team can replace or repair your device’s keyboard at an affordable price. Plus, you are assured of quality as we only use original spare parts. 

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Summing Up 

Laptops are a part of our daily life as they provide high utility for both work and entertainment. With regular usage, these devices can run into some errors and faults. With the help of the above-listed fixes, you can deal with the laptop problems if they are at a minor stage. However, if the mentioned solutions don’t work, you should consider contacting a laptop repair specialist.