Why is My iPhone Stuck at the Apple Logo? (And What Can Be Done)

Everything was going fine until your iPhone rebooted and ultimately it got stuck on the Apple logo on the screen. You might be thinking why the iPhone is taking a long time to work but sooner you will realize that something has gone wrong. Many iOS users face this issue of their iPhone getting stuck on Apple logo.

The common issues regarding iPhone include the black screen, freezing, stuck in recovery mode, looping on start and many more. All these issues are caused due to the ill-functioning iOS system, illustrating the need for anti-virus and even due to the problems regarding the hardware parts of the iPhone. Also, even if you know the reason behind the problem, it is still quite a difficult task to fix the iPhone on your own. What causes this problem of iPhone stuck on Apple logo?

The moment you realize that your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, you can do nothing in it but sit helplessly. You would start thinking that you had been using your iPhone for a long time then suddenly what exactly went wrong that has caused this issue. It is necessary that you must have an idea about the problem that has caused it. There are a lot of potential reasons behind it that can cause the issue of a struck iPhone.

Here are some of the possibilities for your case of a stuck iPhone in the Apple logo.

• Software Updates

Though the software updates of newer iOS versions are to provide the iPhone users with improved features and functionalities, but sometimes the things don’t go according to the plan. In various cases, software update does not run correctly, and it causes your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo on screen, and you can do nothing in such cases.

• Improper Data Transfer

 You might be frequent with transferring data to and fro with your iPhone and the computer. But here’s something that you might not know that the faulty cables and defective USB cables can end up in interfering in the data transfer and can also lead to the software eruption which can ultimately cause your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo. You would just be trying to transfer your information but end up causing some serious trouble for you.

• Jailbreaking 

There are a lot of websites that utterly refuses to perform jailbreaking, but still there are people who keep on undergoing this process. But jailbreaking is not the only problem that can cause your iPhone to get stuck on Apple logo, but there are other potential causes too along with this which can deteriorate the situation more. The process of jailbreaking not just need the complete restore but just as the name suggests it breaks the apps of the iPhone “out of jail,” which means bypassing the Apple’s safeguards which ultimately allows the apps to access the basic functionalities of the iPhone. In such a scenario, there can be an issue of iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.

• Hardware Problems

 In the iPhone, the system undergoes a check for the hardware as the part of the startup routine. In case, there would be a problem with iPhone hardware, the system sometimes gets caught in a loop and undergoes the check again and again. Your iPhone will wait and wait for the positive test but that wait will take forever, and the iPhone will remain stuck on the Apple logo.

What can you do? 

As your iPhone will be stuck on the Apple logo, you would remain stressed for your important data saved in it. If you are frowning by thinking that your data would vanish away, then you should know that there are some ways through which your iPhone can get its life back.

There are some methods for iPhone and iPad Repair without even compromising your data. But it should be noted that you must not try any of these methods if you are not an expert with iPhone.

We don’t want that you end up in any more trouble with your iPhone, this is the reason our assistance at iDevice is the best you can avail to acquire the life of your iPhone back. Well, here are some ways through which it is found possible to fix the iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.

1. Hard Reset (but in most cases, it won’t work)

This is a method which does not assure any guarantee, but there’s no harm to try it. If you have iPhone 6S, press and hold the Home button and power button together until the Apple logo disappears, and then again appears on the screen. If you have iPhone 7 or 8, press and hold the volume down button and power button together and then let go until the Apple logo disappears and again reappears.

If you are having the iPhone X, press and release the volume up button and then the volume down button, then you press and hold the side button and let go when the Apple logo appears.

2. DFU Restore Your iPhone

DFU or the Default Firmware Update is one of the broadest types of iPhone reset process as it can completely reload the firmware of your iPhone and not just the software, and this ability makes DFU different and better than other regular restores. Firmware is the programming that takes control of the working of hardware on the iPhone.

But when you need to put your iPhone into DFU mode and do the DFU restore, it calls for the professional assistance to make sure that restoring process can be carried out successfully. People who have a better understanding of the iPhone can conduct the restore work successfully.

3. Repair Options

Definitely, the hardware problems on your iPhone can cause issues to your device getting stuck on the Apple logo. In such situations, there could be no better solution than acquiring the assistance of professionals for apple repair. There might be some physical or liquid damage that could have caused this situation with your iPhone, and it is very much required to look into it that can only be done by professionals who are skilled enough to judge the problem and acquire a quick fixture to it. As you choose the professionals for such repair, make sure you consider the quality of service and their experience first.

Here you know all the primary possible reasons that might have caused this issue of iPhone stuck on the Apple logo but it is not possible for you to have the complete understanding about the functionalities of the iPhone so let the professionals of iPhone repair handle this task.

Searching for the best iPhone repair professionals for your device is not that hard that you had been thinking. At iDevice Repair Centre, you can find the experienced iPhone repair experts who have the best skills and knowledge about judging what the problem is and finding the best possible solution to it.

With the use of advanced technologies, they will make sure to get your iPhone back to life from the struck mode, with the surety that all the data on it will recover back.