Most Common iPhone Problems for Which You Seek Repairs

iPhone repair service

Have you ever experienced that moment when your iPhone accidentally slips out of your hands, and it just gets keep on falling in slow motion, leaving you with the smashed screen and other damages, and you start regretting that you could have been more careful with the iPhone! But there’s nothing you could have done about it. You need to look for the professional iPhone repair service to fix your iPhone issues. There are many issues related to iPhone for which you might need the assistance of repair experts. Here are some of the common iPhone related problems which can be resolved easily with the help of professional iPhone repair service:

 1. Cracked screen

This is one of those iPhone issues which are harsh to sight. Seeing the smashed screen of your iPhone will always make you feel distressed. It’s not just about the sight that using the iPhone with such a screen is also frustrating to use. There are chances that it might work properly that that moment but still there will be possibilities that it might become unusable after some time. It would be better to get it repaired sooner before the situations get complicated. Some people who have the understanding about the hardware of the iPhone can try changing the screen themselves, but if you have even a slight doubt, then it is recommended that you should skip the DIY and reach out to the iPhone Screen Repair Expert for a quick fix to the problem. 

2. Liquid damage

Liquids are the deadliest foe to the electronics, and it is the same which the iPhone. You never know when you get caught up in an uncertain situation when you accidentally drop your phone in water. Even if any of such situations occur, there’s a way that might prove helpful to you to get your iPhone working again.

If you phone drops in water, take it out immediately and wipe off the excess water from the phone. Take note that you should never try to switch on the iPhone, as it might cause the short circuit and complicate the problem more.

Rather, you can put your iPhone in the box of rice for a few hours. Rice will absorb all the remaining water, and your phone might start after that. If you are no expert, don’t try to dismantle it to dry it from inside as it can leave you with more damage. If the suggested trick doesn’t work, avail the services of the professionals. 

3. Frozen screen

It is one of the most common problems in iPhone, and it can even occur when there’s no trouble inside. Although it’s quite easy to resolve such problems. Sometimes, even powering off and then on can help in getting the iPhone back to normal. If not, then try out the other way of hard reset; hold the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously. It is something that might also work when your iPhone doesn’t power off.

 4. Not able to connect to WIFI

Usually such a problem gets resolved by restarting the iPhone- holding down the home button and the lock button simultaneously. When the phone restarts, it should be able to connect to the WIFI. But if it doesn’t, then go to Settings, select WIFI and scroll down to the last and set the HTTP Proxy to auto. Hopefully, your WIFI will start working, but it, not the iPhone repairing experts will help you best. 

5. The camera doesn’t work

The camera of iPhone is something that people love, and when it stops working, it becomes a serious concern that you should consider. When such a situation occurs, you should go to Settings-General-Restrictions to make sure that the feature of ‘allow camera’ is on. If this step didn’t work out, you could consider resetting the device. If the problem persists, you should let the repairing professionals handle the issue as it is possible that there might be some hardware issue which only the experts can fix. 

6. Faulty buttons 

The ease of using the iPhone through the press of a button can become troublesome if even a single button stops working properly. The frequently used Home button or the side switches can become a problem when they stop working due to things like an intermittent speaker, which can become very frustrating. 

7. Battery issues

When you buy the iPhone, in the first year of use, the battery will work perfectly fine but then its capacity will start decreasing, and the battery draining issues will start becoming the common problem. Though it is advisable in iPhone to turn off the apps that you aren’t using but still with time, the battery issues are common trouble for which you’ll need to go for a battery replacement. 

8. Signal issues

It is completely the time of internet, but if you are having trouble using it with your iPhone, it will be some serious concern for you. When you are not able to use internet from different locations then what is the good part of having an iPhone. This problem occurs due to the signal issues. Sometimes, the antennas in the iPhone get damaged due to which the phone fails to catch the signal properly which ultimately cause issues like proper calling and internet usage. Such kind of hardware issues needs a correct fix by the experts.

9. Motherboard issues

There are chances when your iPhone completely stops working or might have some functions which are not responding. It clears that there might be any motherboard damage which is causing an iPhone not to work properly. Such critical issues in the iPhone hardware are something that is out of the domain of a normal person. It requires proper knowledge and understanding about the hardware parts of the iPhone, and this is the reason that only the professionals should be trusted to fix such issues, without creating any further trouble. 

10. Volume button gets stuck

When people call you at the most inconvenient times, the mute button of iPhone is what helps you out. But if that button stops working, it might make such situations adverse for you. When you witness such a problem with your iPhone, there are some ways in which you can find a resolution to your problem. The first option is to turn on the Airplane mode, and your calls will go to the voicemails. You can also mute all the sounds of your iPhone.

But if you are looking to fix this button, then the iPhone repair professionals will do this task for you. No wonder, when any of these problems occur with your iPhone, you’ll start worrying about what you should do. Just take a note that you should not do anything wrong while panicking for your broken iPhone.

If you don’t have the proper knowledge about it, reach to the repairing experts at iDevice and let the professionals handle all your problems. We are a team of experts with the best knowledge and skills to identify the problem with the iPhone and find the right solution to it so that we can help you by fixing the iPhone in no time.