Is Your iPhone Heating Up? Here’s What Causing It!

iOS has the reputation of being the most robust operating systems for mobile phones. Moreover, its feature of automatic power and heat management makes it an excellent choice and worth the investment. But despite this effectiveness, it is possible that sometimes things might go wrong. You might face a situation when your iPhone is hot to touch, or you might be the unlucky one to get the increasing temperature warning. It is then you need to know what the actual reasons behind this overheating issue are.

Here, we’ll guide you with some common possible causes behind your iPhone overheating and the ways you can work on getting a solution for getting back to the optimum operating temperature before the things go wrong.

What can cause iPhone overheating? 

The problem of iPhone overheating might leave you in worries that what you have done wrong which is causing such problems with your iPhone. But that’s not your fault as you never know when the things can go wrong. If your iPhone starts heating up too much, you need to be aware of the reason that’s causing it so that it can you can find a way to fix it. Here are the most common reasons behind the overheating issues of the iPhone.

  • Heavy workload on the processor: There can be moments when you are playing an extensive game or exporting any heavy video and listening to the music side by side. It is at that time you’ll observe the increase in the heat of your iPhone with a rapid battery drain. In this situation, the overheating issue is due to the excessive load on the processor. In the iPhone, there are no fans for cooling the processor, and the aluminum shell on the phone cannot expel enough amount of heat. Thus, in such situations, the device warms up and usually comes up with temperature- warning on the screen.
  • iPhone left in a hot environment: In the list of things to avoid with iPhone, keeping it under the sun is one of the priority points. If you leave your iPhone in the sun, it can cause excessive heat in the device which will end up in wrecking havoc on the battery and other components of the iPhone. So, remember to keep your iPhone inside on the hot sunny days when you go to beaches for a sunbath.
  • Failing battery: A failing battery can be the reason for expelling a lot of heat in the iPhone. Initially, when you bought the new iPhone, the battery works well, but with time its capabilities decrease. Also, some water damage can also damage the battery and can cause failure. The battery malfunction is one of the critical reasons for the overheating of your iPhone. It is advisable for you to run the battery diagnostic to check if there is a sign of battery failure.
  • Water damage: Among the most severe iPhone problems is accidental water damage. As we know electronics and liquids are foes to each other. Though you handle your iPhone with complete care, you never know when you accidentally spill water on it. Sometimes, you rescue out from the damage, but later on, you observe your iPhone getting heat up too much. It might be due to the water damage only.
  • Charger issues: Sometimes, your charging wire might be a problem. Charging with a broken or a faulty cable can cause overheating issues in the iPhone. Before changing cables, you should try to borrow one from any of your friends to check if the faulty cable is the main reason behind the overheating of your iPhone.
  • Update issues: Sometimes when you are updating your iPhone with the latest version of operating system, and while doing so your iPhone gets overheated. While updating the iPhone sometimes, the processor gets a lot of, and as the update keeps taking the memory, the iPhone starts getting overheating.

Solutions to fix the overheating problems 

Even if you are experiencing the problem of overheating of the iPhone, there are certain ways through which you can get a cure to it. Here are some easy solutions to resolve your iPhone overheating issues.

Avoid the heat 

Make sure you don’t put your iPhone in any such place where there is too much heat or where the direct sunlight falls on it. Always keep your iPhone in the shade or where the temperature is normal. You should focus on not to keep your iPhone on the dashboard of the car as it receiver direct sunlight that might damage your iPhone by causing the overheating issues. And in case, your iPhone ends up getting hot, keep it in a cool place without using it. But, don’t consider keeping it in the refrigerator.

Stop charging 

If the overheating of your iPhone takes place when you are charging the iPhone, it is advisable to stop the charging immediately. Observe then after unplugging the iPhone if the problem persists or not. If the issue disappears, then the problem would be in the cable or the adapter. It is possible that changing the adapter or the cable might resolve your iPhone overheating issues.

Shut down the iPhone 

When your iPhone gets overheated, and you have no idea what has gone wrong, and it is recommended to shut it down for a while. Once it cools down, turn it on again. It might be the excessive use of the iPhone that caused the device to heat up. In such cases, you need to eliminate the disproportionate burden from the processor, and it is possible that your iPhone will cool down when you stop all the working.

Avoid multi-tasking 

If you want to avoid your iPhone from getting heated up, make sure you don’t put on that high load on your processor. If you are playing any heavy game on the iPhone, make sure you don’t run any other app on the device. Always make sure you close all the apps running in the background. With a lesser burden on the processor, there will be fewer chances of overheating issues.

Reach out to the professionals 

There can be times when you fail to realize what the actual problem was behind the overheating issue and thus you don’t get an idea about how to avoid it. Therefore, in such situations, you need to look for the assistance of professional iPhone repairing services where the experts have the excellent experience and skills through which they can make out what exactly the problem is that is bothering your iPhone and provide the quick solution to it.

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