iPhone Battery Replacement: Must-Know Signs & Tips for Apple Users

The iPhone crashing up unexpectedly and underperforming with passing time has now become a routine. The sole reason could be its battery health that certainly depletes with time.

After a year and a half, you may feel the need to have iPad Repair. The ideal battery use may not last long and can begin to change the overall user experiences.

Under the throttling process, what happens is that the functioning of battery levels in iPhone and iPad starts slowing down. The chronic performance issues with the iPhone may lead you to the option of iPhone battery replacement services. Since you need a new power source, here are some telltale signs that can alert you for the right time to give up on old iPhone battery and replace it with a new one!

Importance of knowing about signs to replace iPhone battery

The heating up signs might seem a bit scary, but like all other devices, the iPhone batteries cannot last long. One can spare himself from the huge pains of working on a weak and slow phone and get iPhone replacement services on one call. The goal is to keep the i-series gadget running on at peak performance for as long as you can.  

How to get a quick check on the condition of the iPhone battery?

Since the launch of new series in iPhone and iPads, there has been a new feature addition – “Battery Health”. Here, you can get hands-on every detailed data concerning battery health. Here, you can check the capacity of the battery and the percentage of its performance capability.

Once the percentage gets a fall up to less than 60%, it cannot perform at its peak capacity performance. This implies device throttling to its maximum, and from here, the Apple devices start slowing down. This is a clear sign that the iPhone battery is still functioning in its weakest possible condition.

How many days does it take to get a replacement for iPhone or iPad air battery?

The maximum time duration that it takes to replace the iPhone battery is nearly 30 minutes. This is where you get the gadget checked first and get a few tests done even after getting the replacement services to see if the new quality matched up with your expectations.

Signs to Be Watchful For iPhone Battery Replacement

There are going to be certain times, when even power restarting wouldn’t be of any use. It may stop all the superfluous applications from causing the battery to die earlier than expected. In addition to poor functioning and execution, there are other indicators that pave the way for IPhone’s battery replacement:

  • Unexpected Shutdowns

The most irritating and unfortunate thing that may happen is your iPhone getting switched off while you’re working on something important. The unexpected close down is a sign that the iPhone or iPad is going through some irreversible damages. It goes through execution throttling under shutdown stage, thus leading to the extension of few additional months to its battery life.

  • Display of Error Message

Whenever you come across the blunder message of – ‘Your iPhone battery may be adjusted’, it is a sign that you need immediate action with iPhone battery replacement services.

  • Is it functioning at a higher speed than usual?

Now is the time to spare for your I-series gadget, by giving it a gift of the new battery. You may have taken the best out of iPhone and iPad in the first 14-18 months of usage, but the reality is the iPhone battery needs substitution. With battery getting mileage signs, it may over-perform with higher speed functioning, yet delayed responses.

  • Overheating issues in iPhone and iPad

Once you start feeling the warmth of battery-powered iPhone, it could be an alarm to turn it off and get the replacement services. Excessive warming of iPhone is an indication that there seems to be real harm to the gadget. This is the time to settle down and start searching for another battery for your current iPhone.

Battery saving tips for iPhone and iPad Air

Here’s a list of some helpful tips that can make the iPhone battery last for longer:

  • Once you have set up live wallpaper, chances are the iPhone would get heated up. It is time to remove it and then assign the live wallpaper.
  • Enable the option of “Auto Brightness”.
  • Select the “Reduce motion’ option.
  • Set Mail fetch to the menu to “manually”.
  • Set the time settings to “Manually”. Hence it saves your battery life
  • Disable the option of “Hey Siri” to turn off Siri suggestions
  • Turn off the “Location services”.
  • Disable the 4k video capture option.
  • Select the “30-sec Auto-lock” feature.
  • Turn off the “Auto -Updates” option.
  • Work on “Low Power mode” in the Battery settings.

How long can the iPhone and iPad Air battery last?

The testing procedures revealed that the iPhone’s battery could last up to 35 hours with low- battery uses. It may even work for 14 hours of substantial use. The highly noteworthy point about iPhone battery is that it gets charged rapidly. Usually, the battery power after 31% gets charged from the 30-minute charge to two hours quickly.

How to get iPhone battery replacement?

Since reliance on smartphones is increasing rapidly and primarily when it doesn’t function properly, the day can get messed up. If the battery isn’t functioning correctly, then it’s time to get a new one as a replacement to it. You can select from several options to get a replacement for iPhone battery. The best way turns out to be getting in touch with an experienced third-party replacement service center. With quality services at a reasonable price range, they assure warrantied services than at the Apple store.

The noteworthy point is that the average lifespan of a Lithium-ion battery turns out to be maximum of 2 years. This gives an estimate of roughly 500 charging cycles. That is why the battery replacements seems to be an essential requirement after a specific duration. Get in touch with professional services that give warranty on replacement parts and laptop repair services.

One aspect to take care of is taking back up of all the essential data before sending your iPhone or iPad Air for services.