iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode? Here’s The Real Fix!

There’s hardly any person with iPhone who leaves out enjoying the music when the headphone plugged in. It’s a saying “Headphone in, world out,” that completely justifies the importance of music in our lives, shutting out all other tensions of the busy world. Either it is about enjoying the free time or for creating a concentration in work, we put on the headphones to enjoy the best version of music. But there are chances that in any such time, these headphones might create trouble for our iPhone. Imagine a day you are just sitting on your couch or traveling and listening to your favorite music on your headphones plugged into your iPhone and there comes a moment when you realize that your iPhone got stuck in the headphones mode.

You keep trying and trying, but you are not able to find out what exactly went wrong as a second before you were enjoying the music as suddenly it got hindered with your iPhone getting stuck. It’s not just your iPhone stopped; it brought a halt in your life too. Such a moment can be breathtaking for you and you keep on juggling with your iPhone to find out what the problem is. But there are chances that you might not find any problem, but it’s not a moment to sit helplessly, frowning on the expenses to get the iPhone fixed but what if you can deal with the situation. So, instead of panicking with your stuck iPhone, there are some ways through which you can take the case in your hand and try to fix it out.

Here are some quick tips which might help you to fix an iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

Remove the iPhone Case

You never know what the problem might not be any critical one; it could just be your iPhone case blocking the pathway to the audio jack. To check that out, remove the situation and see that this trick might help you out. Who knows that this tip could get your iPhone back to life from the headphones mode!

Turn the iPhone Off and then On it again

If removing the case does not help, switch your iPhone off and then on it yet. Theirs is no trouble with your software then it is possible that switching off and on the iPhone might help to recover it back from the headphones mode.

Plug in and out the Headphone

You definitely would have tried it, but there’s no harm to keep working it again and again for few more times. You never know it might be worth the shot. It is entirely possible that your iOS might forget that the headphones have been disconnected so trying to disconnect and connect it for a few times might prove to be of some help. One thing you need to check in this case that as you plug in your headphones, you should be able to hear the audio.

Try Another Pair of Headphones

It’s true that different headphones have different configurations. It could be possible that you might be using headphones other than the EarPods that could have caused your iPhone stuck in headphones mode. In such cases, you can give a go with original Apple’s EarPods. There are certain brands of headphones which are not entirely compatible with iPhone which can ultimately get your iPhone stuck as there may not be proper sync. If you don’t have the Apple EarPods, you can also go with other headphones of brand compatible with iPhone, but make sure you don’t pick the Chinese knockoffs.

Go Airplane Mode

As you go in the Airplane mode, it is somewhat going offline without even actually turning your iPhone off. Once you did it, leave your iPhone for a good 5 minutes and then off the Airplane mode to see if the speakers are finally working or not.

Use Bluetooth Speaker

You might be tired of trying but here’s another method that might help you right. Connect your iPhone wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker, and it is possible that the device will leave the headphones mode. Ever thought how this method could be helpful? If your iPhone is stuck in the headphones mode as you plug in the earphones or headphones then as you connect it to a Bluetooth speaker, the process of plugging in the headphone might get undo.

So when you combine the iPhone with the Bluetooth speaker, it can disconnect the previous method of headphone plugged in. Using Bluetooth speaker is a pretty neat trick, and you can try it to get the satisfying results.

Hard Reset

Usually, most of the problems with the iPhone gets is solution by giving the iPhone a hard reset. Not just for the iPhone stuck on headphones mode, but also if the iPhone doesn’t turn on or even if the iPhone doesn’t ring on a call, a hard reset can be your escape route. The good thing here is that the hard reset is not as hard as its name suggests. It’s just a kind of normal restart in which you can clear out the unwanted garbage memory of your iPhone (don’t worry; you won’t be losing any data).

Professional Assistance

If none of these methods prove to be a help, you need the support of the professionals who are experts in dealing with the problems of the iPhone. The professionals at iDevice Repair Centre know all the best techniques and technologies through which your iPhone can be recovered back from the headphones mode, making sure not to compromise the safety of the data.

There would be no good if you end up causing more damage to your iPhone even if you intended to fix it. We don’t want you to face any more trouble; thus we bring forward our professionals assistance to help you get out of the worries of your stuck iPhone.

What not to do? 

When your iPhone gets stuck in the headphone mode, you might start to panic and keep on trying different ways to resolve this problem. But what we need to concentrate the most is that we don’t end up doing something that might complicate the issue by causing any damage to the iPhone. Some people start using bobby pins of earbuds to pin inside the headphone jack. Though your idea might be to clear any particles in the jack, it might damage the internal elements of the iPhone.

Even if your idea is to clean the jack properly, use a soft hand with the earbud but don’t go too much inside. If you yet have a slightest of doubt regarding it, you can reach out to the iPhone repair experts at iDevice who can fix the common problems and even the severe damages to the iPhone. Either it is about cleaning the iPhone or recovering it back from the headphones mode, the professionals know the best ways to fix them for you. Reach us at iDevice and let our experts deal with all the problems with your iPhone, giving you the sigh of relief when you’ll see your iPhone recovered back from its troubles.