Does the Security Factor Make iOS a Clear Winner Over Android?

What’s the first thing you look for when purchasing a smartphone? Is it the design, performance, and camera quality that attracts you towards the smartphone? But, what about security? Although security may be the last think on your checklist but trust us, it’s the most crucial factor you have to take into account before investing your hard-earned money on the smartphone.

We care a lot about the looks, apps ease of use, but forget the most important factor i.e., how secure your phone is.  Since our phone is the storehouse of critical data, security becomes an important and deciding factor. And, when it comes to the safety of smartphone, which operating system you opt for will make a huge difference.

You can tell a lot about the security of a smartphone by just looking at its design and how it maintained. Different brands of a smartphone offer a different level of security. If you care about having a secure phone and keeping your data safe, data recovery services Singapore should be your smartphone choice. The security factors are the reason for the popularity of the iPhone over other smartphones available in the market. But, being said that many people argue that the reason people are inclined towards the iPhone is because of branding and status thing. But, tech lovers have something else to reveal. 

iPhone vs. Android! Which is more secure?

In the past, cyber-attacks were limited to laptops and desktop. But as we said, it was in the past. At present, the dynamic of cyber threats has changed. Today, hackers target smartphones and tablets more often.  This means before going for the smartphone purchase, looking at the security factor is a wise decision. Now coming to the question which usually goes in the mind of smartphone users, which mobile system is more secure, Android, or iOS? At present more and more users depend on their smartphone for carrying out bank transactions, connecting to their social media handles, and making online purchases, thus allowing hackers to snoop on the valuable data.

iOS and Android operating systems have become the critical targets of cybercriminals who use innovative techniques to access the personal information of users. A security feature that top mobile companies offer will impact their market share and brand loyalty.  If safety is your top concern, which platform to go for, Android, or iOS?  The answer is simple and crystal clear. iPhone beats other Android phones in terms of security. To support this fact, here are some facts about iPhone security you must know about.

  • Android is an Open source platform: The primary reason why tech experts consider the iPhone more secure than Android is that the latter is an open-source platform. An open-source platform means that anybody can access the Android platform. And, when it comes to iOS, the risk of such penetrations is difficult, in fact, impossible. When the user tries to modify his phone, the threats become more evident. In such situations, it becomes easy for the hackers to trace your phone and get their hand over critical and personal information. The security concern is even there if the developer makes the modifications. Because of the open-source platform, hackers can easily distribute malware over the network. And, for this, you can’t blame your developer but Google. But, when it comes to Apple, they have strict rules and conditions with respect to downloading and control over their software.  But what does this mean? This means users can’t simply launch any app on the Apple app store, unlike Google Play Store. To know more about how secured Apple devices are let us take the example of a case between Apple and the FBI. Even after requests from the top investigating agency, Apple refused to unlock iPhone 5C. From this example, it is evident that apple values its security policies, which is one reason why users prefer it over other smartphones.
  • Market Share is a significant threat: Trust us, market share can be a determinant factor when it comes to operating system security. The reason being cybercriminals and hackers prefer to attack a widely used and popular platform to make the biggest impact. This is the reason why windows are the most attacked operating system on the desktop. Since Android has more maker share as compared to iOS, this means hackers target the Android platform more often than iOS. Even if Android users a top security mechanism, it will become impossible for them to close every security hole. Google and the supporting security partners can’t eliminate every virus attack stop digital scams and secure devices from any attack. This is the side effect of owning a widely used platform. Although a significant market share is what a firm’s eye for, in terms of security, it can pose challenges to firms. In terms of security, a small market share is more favorable.
  • Virus and malware attacks: Since Android is the biggest target for hackers, it’s not a surprise, it is the victim of most viruses, hacks, and malware. The interesting fact here is that the Android platform suffers from more virus attacks as compared to other platforms. According to the recent study, 97 % of malware made for smartphone targets Android. On the other hand, 0% of malware attacked the iPhone. Few malware targets the iPhone because of the high security provided by Apple. The remaining3 % targets Nokia, but the majority of the attacks are targeted to android.
  • Sandboxing: If you are not a programmer, this factor may not be that important, but it’s essential. The way Apple and Google design their operating system leads to different security situations. Apple uses a technique known as sandboxing, which allows every app to run in its own walled-off space. This means apps get separate space to perform their operations and will not able to interact with other apps. So even if the app comes under the malware attack, it will not go outside the sandbox, thus preventing the damage from spreading to other apps.
  • App Review: Another place where security plays a vital role in the app store. To increase the security of your phone, the app store should offer higher protection against viruses or malware attacks. In many cases virus enters your device through the apps, thus giving rise to security threats. Such security attacks are possible on either platform, but the chances are less in the case of the iPhone. The reason being iPhone crack screen repair Singapore reviews apps before adding them to their app store.  Although programming experts do not conduct the review, it provides security from malicious apps. Since Apple does not allow users to install malicious apps, it gives them freedom from security breaches. On the other hand, in the case of Android, there is no such app review conducted, so the users are at a higher risk of security attacks.  Anyone can submit their app to Google Play and make it available to users in a couple of hours.  On the other hand, Apple can take up to two weeks for including any app in its platform.
  • Foolproof Facial Recognition: Although facial recognition features are available on both platforms. But, when it comes to Android, their main focus is to bring the feature first in the market. On the other hand, Apple focuses on being the best in business. The same is true when we talk about facial recognition.  For additional security, both Apple and Samsung offer facial recognition features to prevent an unknown person from accessing your phone. But, when it comes to how secured the facial recognition is, Apple wins the battle. According to tech experts, Samsung’s facial recognition system can be tricked with any photo.  Samsung even gives warning to users that the feature is not as secure as fingerprint screening.  One the other hand, Apple has created a system that is more secure and can’t be fooled by hackers. The first line of security in the latest models of iPhone 11, iPhone X, XS, and XR is something that the Android system fails to offer.
  • Hardware and software integration: As far as Apple is concerned, it uses its operating system i.e., iOS. On the other hand, Android, made by Google, is used by all the smartphones at present. This means Google does not make the operating system keeping one device in mind. And, when it comes to hardware and software security, Apple takes the lead over Android. With the hardware and software integrations, Apple offers additional security to users, which Android fails to do.
  • Jailbreaking: When we talk about the security of Android and Apple platforms, we have to discuss the concept of a jailbreak. Jailbreaking is the feature available in Apple devices, which allows users to remove the restrictions that Apple imposes for installing apps from unknown sources. With this option, although users will be able to download any app they want; they will have to bear higher security threats.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in making the right choice between Apple and Android smartphones. When it comes to security Apple takes the lead, but you can’t ignore other features provided by the Android platform. So, before you go for the purchase, go for a detailed comparison between the two platforms.