Comprehensive Guide about iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone has a long maintained reputation of slowed down battery functioning.

Does it sound familiar?

Soon enough after buying new iPhone, you’ll realize it’s time to get services of iPhone motherboard repair in Singapore or probably, get the battery changed. This is because iPhone’s lithium-ion batteries gradually lose its ability to stay on full charge. For factual information, you should know that after 500 charge cycles, the iPhone battery loses its capacity up to 80%. This is when the iPhone starts functioning at slower pace.

Signs it’s time for iPhone battery replacement

Here’s the easiest way to tell if your iPhone needs a new battery:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Battery” option and then click on “Battery Health”

You will get to have a quick overview of health of your iPhone’s battery’s health. You can get further analysis from:-

  • Maximum Capacity- The lower the percentage, the quicker its battery is depleting on every charge
  • Peak Performance Capability- This is a sign, that the iPhone battery is experience some wear with processing speed throttling down.

When the message “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded” appears, it’s a clear sign that you should strongly consider to get iphone battery replacement services.

There are other signs to look for, especially related to degrading iPhone’s battery health.

  • The rapid need to recharge your battery after every few hours
  • The need to charge even when your usage is low
  • At even 10% battery the phone suddenly dies
  • If the Phone is only functioning, while it is plugged in for charging

The apps such as “Battery Health” can give a clear view of the current health of – battery capacity and power usage.

Ways to Conduct IoS Battery Drain Tests

The device itself has in-built quick and easy battery life test. All you have to do is keep an eye on —

The Usage and Standby times

Here’s how to get a quick overview-

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on General tab and then select “Usage and check out your times”.

“The Usage time” indicator suggests how long the device has been used, whereas “the Standby time” indicates how long the device has been left in dormant stage.

One needs to make sure that the Usage time stays lower than the Standby time. If both the indicators are at parity level, you have a severe problem.

Ways to Resolve IPhone Battery Issues:

The constant complaining of battery draining needs your immediate attention. Here are some of the ways in which iOS drainage can be resolved:

1. Disable the Location and Background App Refresh for Facebook

This is one of the most effective, well-tested, and confirmed ways to stop battery draining in iPhone. If you have been noticing excessive battery drainage, you can run the phone battery through Xcode, Apple’s developer tool. This acts as a monitor for your iPhone functioning, allowing you to see every running process and memory consumption.

2. Disable Background App Refresh for Rarely used Apps

The Background App Refresh is one of the best features in iOS 7. Honestly, you don’t need it running for every application. Prefer to disable this for applications such as Facebook and more that you don’t check regularly.

3. Stop Multitasking among apps

Closing your apps is super easy with iPhone. You may think that this step would save the battery life as it prevents the apps from draining the battery while running in the background.

Think Again!

Shutting down the app doesn’t make much of a difference, but doing it on a regular basis surely does. Here’s how it functions:

By shutting down the multi-tasking, you clean the phone’s RAM and the moment you open the app again, the device has to go through loading back into the memory again. This brings excessive pressure on the device.

What you need to know is the applications in the multitasking menu are actually not functional. These apps get freeze after last use. This has exception case of the apps that play music, use location notifications, records audio, or check for VOIP calls. These keep running in the background.

4. Disable the Email Notifications

If none of the above given steps resolve your issues, you can disable the Push email option. It stops your device to receive instant email notifications. This would impact the iPhone battery, resolving the issue in mere minutes.

5. Disable the Push Notifications for Rarely used Apps

If any of the apps annoy you by keep sending the unnecessary push notifications, it’s time to disable it. This would prevent the phone waking up from sleep mode for a few seconds. There wouldn’t be nothing lighting up your screen with rapid notifications.

P.S If you do not act on 50 notifications a day, it adds 5-10 minutes to the battery usage time. It might make a minor difference, but it does count up.

6. Disable Battery Percentage notifications

When you switch off the percentage meter, you can essentially save the lasting time for your device. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General and then select “Usage” option. Here, you can see the listed battery times.

This would save you from freaking out and would let you handle other tasks more efficiently than your device’s battery life.

7. Step into an Apple Retail Store

The ‘Extended Battery Life Test’ is one of the detailed reports that let you view the complete battery usage of iOS device. This is merely conducted for a few minutes at Apple retail store.

You can easily get services for iPhone motherboard repair in Singapore, if the motherboard seems to be causing issues. Getting replacement by technicians for your iOS device comes under affordable charges and warranty that you should not miss out on.

The Bottom Line

Getting the best out of iPhone battery life is the ultimate goal, and you are far away from achieving it. There would be a day when your device would not be lasting even a full day, and this is the time to head out for affordable and reliable iPhone Repair services. There’s always hope for iPhone users, especially when you have experts serving at iDevice SG Store.