10 Things We Can Do to Save a Water Damaged iPhone

The second you realize that you’ve dropped your iPhone in water or accidentally spilled your coffee on it, you’ll start to panic, without any idea about what’s next you are going to do. We all know that mobile phones and liquids are foes and there’s no way they can be compatible together. But panicking after the water damage will do no good. All you have to do is stay calm as the iPhone repair in Singapore is possible by the repairing experts. But what if you can fix your water damaged iPhone, without even reaching out to the repairing service?

There are some tips which you need to follow to try fixing the water damage. Try out working on these steps as it is possible that you might obtain and positive result and your iPhone might start working.

1. Don’t try to turn on the iPhone

This is the most significant thing that you should remember in a situation when you have dropped your iPhone in water. The odds are that your gadget would kill in the wake of being harmed by water. There are chances that your iPhone will turn off after being water damaged, so at that point, you should not start to panic and keep trying to turn it on manually.

If the water has come to inside the gadget, at that point, it may make more harm your iPhone than before. To begin with, keep it perfect and always prefer not to turn it on. Trying turning it on might cause the delicate components of the iPhone to get short-circuited, leading to further damage.

2. Remove the SIM card

After you have done making it sure to turn off the iPhone, you have to guarantee that the water won’t harm the SIM card. The best step here is to take the SIM card out. Take the help of a paperclip or the credible SIM card removal clip that comes along with your iPhone and try to take out the SIM tray. Furthermore, don’t embed the tray back starting at now and leave the space open. Keeping it open might allow some amount of water to escape out.

3. Properly wipe the exterior of the iPhone

Use a cotton cloth or a tissue paper and use them to clean the exterior of the iPhone. As our iPhone gets water damaged, rather wasting time in panicking, we should be quick enough to remove the SIM card and then start cleaning the excess water that is there on the phone.

But make sure while wiping the iPhone you don’t end up applying too much pressure on it. You just have to keep your iPhone stationary and make gentle movements with your hands and clean the excess water on the outside.

4. Place it in a dry place

Your subsequent stage to determine the dropped iPhone in water issue ought to be to guarantee that water won’t harm its insides. Subsequent to clearing its outsides, you should be very cautious about each progression you take. It is prescribed to put the gadget in a warm and dry spot. This would dissipate the water content that is inside the phone.

5. Don’t place the iPhone under direct sunlight

When it is about drying the iPhone, there are some people who make the mistake of keeping the iPhone under direct sunlight. This is something which must be avoided. The iPhone should never be kept in the direct sunlight.

The excess heat of sunlight can cause the sensitive elements of the iPhone to melt or damage and thus you’ll just end up being caught in more problem than before. So make sure you keep the iPhone dry where there is not too much heat which could cause any kind of damage.

6. Use silica gel packets to dry the iPhone

There are times when after determining the water-damaged iPhone, the users end up taking some extreme steps which will just backfire over the long haul. One of the most secure answers for dry your phone is by utilizing silica gel packets. While purchasing electronic products and equipment, people get additional packets of silica gel.

You can likewise get them promptly from any general store. They assimilate moisture in an unrivaled way just by making minimum contact with the iPhone’s body. Spot a couple of silica gel packets over and under your iPhone. Leave them intact to absorb the water content that is inside the gadget.

7. Place the iPhone in a box of uncooked rice

You may have effectively known about this secure answer for fix a dropped iPhone in water. Spot your iPhone in a bowl or pack of rice so that it would submerge in it.

Ensure that it is uncooked rice else your iPhone may get undesirable dirt. Leave your iPhone in rice for at least one complete day to guarantee that the water in the iPhone is completely absorbed by the rice. Once you are done, all you are left with doing is to take out the phone and remove the pieces of rice from it.

8. Use a hairdryer

This may be somewhat outrageous. However, even after following the previously mentioned drill, there are chances that after getting water damaged your iPhone won’t start, at that point, you need to walk an additional mile. Be very mindful while utilizing a hairdryer to fix the iPhone water damage.

Keep the dryer in low power mode and delicately blow it over your iPhone. You should prefer keeping the iPhone at some distance while blow drying it. You should do it very carefully as if the iPhone gets too much heated up, and it will cost you more damage that might include the melting of other elements of the iPhone.

9. Dismantle it to try

This is undoubtedly the last step that you can do to fix the iPhone. But it is advised to only those who have the knowledge about iPhone hardware and knows how to dismantle it without causing any damage carefully. The professionals can dismantle the iPhone and then try to dry off the parts where the water has reached.

10. Reach to the repairing experts

When none of the steps helps, you need to consider looking out for the iPhone water damage repairing experts who will assist you the best, providing you quick fixture to your problems, without taking much time of yours. Even if your motherboard is damaged, the professionals here will provide you with the best service for iPhone Motherboard repair in Singapore. You don’t even have to worry about the expenses as here you’ll find affordable services with quality of work assured. All the tips which are mentioned above will help you to overcome the tough time of dealing with the water-damaged iPhone.

There are tips, mentioned above that allow you to deal with the situation yourself so that you can try fixing the iPhone with water damages. But if you are not finding it effective, seek help from the best iPhone repairing experts and get your iPhone fixed, without any compromise with the quality.