Effective Tips and DIY Techniques for iPad Crack Screen Repair

A broken iPad screen can be a huge setback to your pocket. Maybe it is not the end of the world for you, but it plainly can put you in the dilemma of spending money or going on with the cracked screen. Despite having a rock-solid look and feel, the device calls for gentle handling. If you recklessly handle it, there are chances that you may drop or bump it into a rough surface. This can further lead to cracks and breaks in your device. Luckily you have iPad screen repair as an excellent option to help you out in instances like these. Without any further ado, let us plunge into the details regarding the repair and maintenance of the iPad.

iPad screen repair

Examining The Broken Components Of The Device 

There are a plethora of components on an iPad, among which almost all of them can get damaged in a drop. The components, such as the glass panel, digitizer, and an LCD, are some of the parts that are the most prone to physical damage. Their alignment is such that the glass panel is the top layer, and then comes the digitizer and then the LCD screen is beneath it.

When you drop your iPad, there are chances that the top glass may crack sending a spider web pattern all over the front of your device. The role of the digitizer that is fused on the top layer of the glass plays the role of responding to tap and swipe gestures. Even after dropping the iPad, you are still able to operate the touch screen; the chances are that only top glass was damaged.

Below are some options that can help you in fixing the damage. Check them out. 

Rely Upon Apple Services 

The moment you discover a crack or a break in the screen of your iPad, the first thing that should be on your mind is the Apple repair service. Even if your device is under the original one-year limited warranty, accidental damage is not covered under it. No matter if it fell off your kitchen shelf or your cat nudged it to the fall, they won’t cover it. But the good news is that tiny cracks on the screen can be included in some cases. Before rushing into anything, make sure that you know the repair cost as the Apple services might cost you a fortune. If the cracks are not too extravagant, it is recommended you do not seek iPad screen repair from the Apple office. You should get over those as long as the device is operational. 

Third-Party Repair 

Instead of going to the Apple office for minor cracks, you should consult external repair party services. These services are a much less expensive option. You need to look out for the most reliable and authorized repair service in town. Before relying upon just anyone, research thoroughly about their services. You need to make sure of the cost, schedule, warranty, and the source of replacement parts. Local reviews can be of great help when it comes to knowing in detail about the iPad crack screen repair service.

iPad crack screen repair

Do It Yourself Techniques 

This is the risk you should be willing to take only if you are pro in repairing the devices. If you are mechanically inclined, this is the best option for you all. There are plenty of repair kits available for you to initiate the process. Make sure that you are well-versed with the complete repair service or else you might end up worsening the situation. In repairing the screen yourself, there are certain things you need to be prepared for. 

Getting The Right Parts 

When it comes to repairing your iPad on your own, you should be able to identify which parts you need to replace and which you can reuse. Most of the instances involve replacing only the digitizer. But if you get dark pictures on your iPad and no pictures at all, there are high chances that you need to replace both the digitizer and the LCD. 

Getting The Right Tools 

A few additional tools after the main components would be needed in case you need to repair your device on your own. The tools that you’ll need are:

  • A metallic prying tool
  • A small screwdriver
  • A roll of electronic tape
  • iPad clips replacement settings
iPad repair singapore

You can adapt plenty of other practices as well. Let us read further to know more. 

Cover Up The Screen 

Services that offer iPad repair in Singapore recommend you to cover up the screen as soon as you discover the cracked screen. You can use packing tape or a large zip-lock bag. This would reduce the risk of accidentally cutting yourself on a sharp piece of glass. 

Comparing Your Repair Options 

It is always better to broaden your search when it comes to giving your device for repair. You cannot just rely upon any vendor. You need to make sure that the service you are going to is authorized and trustworthy. The research process should be thorough. You ought to rummage through a lot of online sites before deciding upon anything.

iPad Crack Screen Repair


Repairing a broken iPad screen is not as easy as it seems. By getting into the whole DIY process, you are getting yourself into something very complicated. So make sure that you prefer professional iPad screen repair rather than relying upon yourself. An authorized third party like iDevice Repair Centre tends to offer many benefits, including discounts when it comes to repairing your device.