Know Why iDevice is Better Than Apple Service Centre or The Remote Mortar Stores

Why people prefer professional service centres for Apple device repair in Singapore as opposed to official Apple service centres? Are these guys any reliable? Do they charge less than the official centre? There are many questions that arise in one’s mind once they are looking for the service shop to get their device repaired. Our Professional Apple device repair shop in Singapore has been largely preferred by the customers for getting their iPhone repaired. We offer a distinct advantage over Apple service stores as well as remote mortar stores such as: 

Best Service, Affordable Price

iDevice specializes in providing the best repairing service at affordable rates. Unlike the Apple service stores with over-the-top charges or the remote mortar stores that are not reliable at all, we offer a reliable service for Apple device repair in Singapore without emptying your pockets. This is because we believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else.

Available Tools 

The repairing stores been set up on the streets offer rock-bottom rates to get your device repaired. This is because these stores do not have the adequate reserves or equipment to ensure that your device is fully repaired. So, there is a potential risk involved while reaching out to these service centres. As compared to these, the specialists at iDevice are equipped with a variety of professional tools and equipment to provide customers with the best repairing service for their Apple products. 

Years Of Experience 

The specialists at iDevice have years of experience in handling even the adverse of situations with ease. Moreover, our iPhone repair rates in Singapore are quite reasonable as compared to the Apple service centres who believe in replacement rather than repairing the old ones. So, our technicians are better at providing repairs.

Apple Repair

On-Time Service

We are highly proficient in providing timely service for Apple device repair in Singapore. With a wide range of repairing services to the customers at ultra-affordable rates, iDevice has made a name for itself. The professionals are quite adept at handling iPhone repairs quickly and hassle-free. iDevice has been renowned to provide reliable

Apple repair in Singapore as compared to even the official Apple service centre or the remote mortar stores. With top-class repair service and a team of experienced personnel iDevice has emerged as one of the customers favourite repair store. So, if you need your Apple devices checked then contact us today. Our staff is here to help you.