Fixing Back the Scattered Pieces.

There is no doubt that you must be taking care of your iPhone 7 Plus very well but there are moments when you need to take extra precautions to protect your phone. Travelling in a car, listening to music, a sudden jerk comes and you accidentally drop your iPhone. We know that such conditions can be hard to face and thus we are ever ready to serve you with the iPhone 7 Plus screen repair. Not only that we also provide repair for water-damaged and wear and rear battery cases. We assure you the fast and reliable assistance to give your iPhone its life back.

The screen damages that you keep on staring and regretting are not permanent. Our affordable and professional services will get your phone fixed in a matter of minutes. With our professional team, we make sure you’ll be assisted with the best iPhone 7 Plus screen repair. You won’t have to wander helplessly as our support will get you back that time when you happily carried along that stylish phone of yours. As we take care of your troubles, sit tight with no worries. For any questions, feel free to contact us. Call us anytime at 9382-6864.


Screen Repair

Bring your phone in on your lunch break (and then go get lunch). Give us less than an hour, and we’ll have your iPhone 4plus screen repaired before your boss even knows you’re gone.

Liquid Damage

Frankly, we don’t need to know how it happened. What matters is that we can repair it — typically we get them fixed in 24 hours or less.

Battery Upgrade

Your phone has a certain number of charge “cycles” before it’s ready to throw in the towel. We can upgrade your battery so that its as good as — or better than — new.

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