Macbook Pro Non-Touch Bar A1708 Water Damage

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  • Motherboard Repair for water damage 
  • Water Spillage
  • Wine Spillage
  • Milk Spillage
  • Coffee Spillage
  • Coca Cola Spillage
  • Animal Urine 
  • Milo Spillage
  • Water Spillage inside Bag

Above are the common reason for water damage spillage we hear from our users.

What will be done: 

  • Replacing damaged component
  • Exclude CPU replacement, RAM, NAND Memory
  • Price excludes replacement of battery, keyboard, LCD, LCD cable 
  • Price excludes of parts that are not Motherboard.
  • Repair period 3 - 10 days 
  • Repair may take longer if the set has attempted repairs
  • Repair may take longer if multiple turning on was attempted
  • Repair may take longer if an attempt to DRY and turning on 

Blog article explaining the reason for water damage and the cause of trying to turn on after the spillage