Surface Pro Parts Replacement SOP

Surface Pro Parts Replacement 

Standard Operating Procedure

"Break your Tech, but not your wallet."

By the time you are reading this, you may have already taken your Surface Pro to Microsoft Service Centre and probably been told one of the two things: “It is out of warranty and we can’t fix this.” or “We can fix your tablet but your data will be gone in the process ”

If you are in a dilemma, either because it is too costly to get a new device or you do need your data recovered, we have the solution for you.

Types of Surface Pro Parts Replacement:

  • Surface Pro Battery Replacement 
  • Surface Pro Keyboard Replacement 
  • Surface Pro Speaker Replacement 
  • Surface Pro Lcd Replacement 
  • Surface Pro Motherboard Replacement

Our 1-2-3-4 Step Process: 

  • Provide a Free Diagnostic (i.e. No fees for checking) 
  • Provide a Quotation (May decline to repair and there would be no charges at this point) 
  • Proceed with repair works only after receiving your confirmation 
  • Once fixed, we will call you and payment is made upon collection of your fixed Surface Pro.

Repair Time-line

  • Surface Pro Battery Replacement | 1 day
  • Surface Pro Keyboard Replacement | 1 day
  • Surface Pro Speaker Replacement | 1 day
  • Surface Pro Lcd & Touch Screen Replacement | 1 day
  • Surface Pro Motherboard Replacement | 1 day (Depends of availabilities)