You can break your Tech but not your wallet. By the time you are reading this, you have probably taken your iPhone, iPad or MacBook to an Apple or Apple Authorised Store and been told either one of the two things-  "We can’t fix this as this is an obsolete model. Here's our latest iPhone/MacBook.... ” (You already know where this is going) or “Yeah we can fix that. That’ll be $XXXX to replace this, that, and that too...”

We work hard to provide you with a wide-range of repairs available at a faster time frame and a more affordable cost.

Diagnostic is Free for any kind of issue (s) that you are facing with.

Diagnostic is free with “NO REPAIR, NO CHARGES POLICY”. Bring over your damaged Macbook | iPhone | Laptop | iMac for a check today. 90-95% of our Macbook repairs are done right on the same day excluding Motherboard Repairs.

Call us today to find out how much it will cost to fix your MacBook and other Apple devices. 

iDevice Repair Center offers (and installs) replacement parts at a much lower cost than what you would get at the Apple store. The Apple Store Genius Bar will never try to fix a broken part; rather, they’ll simply replace it. What differs us from Apple is that we fix things, first and foremost, at a more reasonable cost than them. We are a locally owned business, and we aim to stay competitive on our prices and Service standards.