Macbook Pro 13" A1706 Motherboard

Motherboard issue is common in our industry. This are some break down of the problem that we usually encounter over the years with this model 


1. CPU overheating 

Cpu overheating is common with this model as the fan will only run the moment the temperature hits around 50 degree. Due to this functions it help to keep the machine silent if you're in a quiet location example Library. But the issue with this is that while you're watching videos like youtube at 1080p or doing video editing all this rely much from CPU. Since this 2016 model macbook pro cpu works as Processing power and Graphic card as one. It's often to get damage due to overheating. 

What we recommend is to use a little Chrome, Safari tabs as that takes alot of processing power.

Macbook Pro 13" A1706 Motherboard

Macbook Pro 13" A1706 Motherboard Picture

Some say applying new termal-paste will help to bring the temperature down. Which is true in the beginning stage. But the proper solution to it is reball the pad again by using BGA machine or replacing CPU chipset to a newer one

Picture below highlighted CPU in RED. 

A1708 CPU

2. Storage NAND 

As highlighted in Yellow. 

NAND memory issue is common. As what you're seeing there's suppose to be a total of 4 nand chip. 2 Front and 2 back, The only way each memory are communicating and store using the function RAIN. As what being use on Hard disk machine like Synology NAS or Buffalo NAS the functions that they are using is call as RAID where 2 - 10 hard disk are working in unison to store data. 

But while on SSD to keep up with the speed and reduce ssd failure RAIN technology was created. 

But RAIN technology have a set back on SSD. The more you use it the higher the change of damage. Although some data recovery company said that nand are often damage due to heat and also data corruption.

Often the solution to this problem is by trying to restore the macbook to factory setting. If that does not work the solution is to replace the nand memory. Like a damage hard disk the only way is to replace the hard disk to a new one. It's the same for NAND memory. 

3. Water Damage 

Water damage is very common problem, which we received 10 - 20 sets a week at the very minimum. We hate to see the pain the user is feeling, but we are also glad that we are able to fix it. Because of the common volume of incoming, often we kinda know where the damage is the moment we dismantle the macbook. While some cases are worse than the others. We still put lot of effort on trying to make it work again. 

Those difficult cases often are from end user trying to dry and kept turning on the machine after water damage. I would say it's luck! Sometimes it works but most of the time drying your machine just doesn't work. 

Older machine does work with drying method like rice. But due to the new machine having alot more SMD chips it's easy for the water to get trap in between the component. Take it this way try using a Bubble gum as an example. Chew and stick it at your hair. You can keep using water to get rid of it but it will not work until you use soap. 

Sugar water, coffee or plain water often works the same. The only way we can remove the stain from the board is by removing the chip, using 99% isopropyl alcohol, Motherboard cleaner to remove it. But brushing the stain away doesn't mean it will work after that. Often cases the damage is done. And what you need to do is replace the component. In singapore there's not much of expert who can replace Motherboard component. We are lucky to be the few people who can. But nevertheless making sure not to turn on your machine after water damage is essential.

I truly under the pressure of seeing the damage happened and wanting to fix it on the spot is important. But taking the risk of turning it on and making it worse should be the last thing you would want to happen.