Motherboard repair to get your MacBook back in motion

MacBook not starting or not giving a stable performance, the thing that might be causing all of these issues could be the troubled Motherboard. With iDevice Repair Centre, we make MacBook motherboard repair easier and cost-efficient for you, bringing every aspect about MacBook, back in order.

Macbook Motherboard Repair

Signs of Motherboard issues

Freezing issues: You might observe your screen frequently freezing at different points. This could be nothing but the Motherboard crying for help. We provide the professional assistance for MacBook logicboard repair in Singapore, resolving all such troubles.

Sudden shutdowns: Frequent and sudden shutdown of MacBook can end you up losing a lot of your critical data on which you might be working just before the shutdown. All this issue is because of the broken Motherboard. We’ll support you with MacBook repair in Singapore, ensuring that all of your files stay safe.

Blue screens of death: If you see this screen, always know that iDevice Repair Centre is the service to reach out for getting out of this trouble. Our professionals are ever ready to offer the best service for MacBook Pro repair in Singapore.

What iDevice offers you?

Safe data recovery

If any of your data is lost with the motherboard damage, we’ll recover it back while fixing the motherboard, so you can have complete satisfaction with our professional service.

No hidden charges

We at iDevice Repair Centre believe in charging genuinely for our services. We won’t ask any additional money or make you pay any hidden charges. You’ll just have to pay for the services genuinely.

Quality of work ensured Whatever is the trouble with your MacBook, our goal is to offer you the MacBook repairing assistance, with complete quality of service ensured. We only provide you with the best at affordable prices.