Signs That Your Laptop Battery Needs Replacement

Signs That Your Laptop Battery Needs Replacement

Laptop batteries wear out over time. Consequently, you get less backup compared to when the device was brand new. In addition, sometimes the device stops charging altogether or overheats. You can troubleshoot some of the issues on your own, while others require laptop battery replacement, depending upon the condition.  But, first of all, we need to understand the factors that affect the battery’s performance. So, let’s start. 

Every Laptop’s Battery is Different

Here are some common factors that influence the battery performance of a laptop:

  • Number of Cells
  • Design of Cells
  • Lithium-ion Powder
  • Manufacturing Process

Branded battery units are made from quality materials. For this reason, they last way longer than their third party alternatives. Besides, every laptop battery has a different capacity and technology. Consequently, the respective issues and their potential fixes are also different. Here are some tips to diagnose if the battery unit actually has a problem or other components of the laptop are causing the issue. 

  • If the device is showing a warning message like “system battery voltage is low” or “internal battery capacity reduced”; you need to get it replaced. Hence, you can simply skip the troubleshooting process and get a new battery for the device.
  • If you can operate the device by plugging it in but not on battery power, the battery unit has a fault.
  • If the device does not turn on, even after plugging in the power cable, it means that the battery is fine. Other components like motherboard, processor, etc may have an issue. In such a scenario, you can consider laptop motherboard repair services from a professional.

Signs of A Laptop Battery Malfunction

The below signs confirm that the device’s battery is worn and needs replacement. So, let’s check them out.

Battery Only Lasts For 1-2 Hours

It is one of the most obvious indications that your laptop requires a battery replacement. Different devices have different battery capacities. Also, the usage pattern of every individual is unique. For instance, if one is performing heavy tasks on a laptop such as video editing or gaming; the power will drain faster. On the other hand, if you are just browsing and using the device for multimedia playback, you will get more backup.

So, the ideal output varies for every laptop. However, on average, the laptop battery must last around 5-6 hours. On the contrary, if it just lasts for an hour or two, it is a clear sign that it has some fault. 

Device Turns Off Randomly

If this happens occasionally then it’s fine, but if the laptop is automatically turning off frequently, there is an underlying issue with its battery. In such a situation, you should consider approaching a professional for a replacement. However, firstly make sure that the charger is not causing a problem. 

Laptop Charges Slowly

If your laptop takes a long time to charge, it symbolises that there is a problem with its battery. Because, if a battery is in good condition, the laptop charges fastly, and lasts for a considerable time. However, if it is taking you hours to get the power to 100%, you need to replace the battery to get rid of this problem. Because, if you do not address this issue timely, the device may not charge. 

Device Heating Up Too Much

Every laptop has fans to keep the device cool while the users operate for longer durations. However, if the device is still overheating it means either there is too much stress on the battery or it is unable to cool down. One can simply sense this problem by touching the bottom of the laptop. If it is extremely hot, there is likely a fault in the battery. Also, the dedicated cooling fans make more noise as they have to work at their full potential to keep the device temperature under control. 

Note: Disconnect the charger from the device if it is overheating to avoid further damage to the battery. 

Laptop Worn Out With Time

Like any other digital device, laptops are subject to wear with time and the related effects can be seen in the battery life. So, the laptop issues may be a result of its age. On average, a laptop battery starts showing errors after 400 charge cycles, which is roughly a usage of around 1-2 years. 

For this reason, you must consider analysing the battery health after the laptop becomes 2 years old. So, let’s have a detailed look at the process of checking your device.

How To Perform A Battery Health Check On A Windows Laptop?

You can check the battery health on a Windows laptop by using the “Battery Report” option. Here are the steps:

  • Press Windows Button + X
  • Select Command Prompt (Open it as an administrator).
  • After the command prompt opens up, use the following command to run the report.

powercfg /batteryreport

Performing these steps will generate a report that gets automatically stored in the folder named as C:\Users[Your Username]. You can navigate to this folder, open the report and get information like battery serial number, chemistry type (technology), manufacturer name, and other important details.

How To Find Out Battery Issues By Examining it?

You can simply spot issues with the laptop by physically analysing it. In some laptops, the battery can be simply ejected out, whereas, in some, you need to open up the device. Also, don’t touch the battery directly as it may be extremely hot, and you may get hurt.

Examine if the battery looks swollen or cracked. If yes, there is a need for immediate replacement. Moreover, if the plastic is broken along its surface or a gummy residue is leaking, look for a replacement right away. 

What is The Right Time For Laptop Battery Replacement?

If you don’t go for laptop battery replacement at the right time, it can be dangerous and even fatal. Moreover, the majority of such incidents happen when a laptop with a faulty battery is plugged in for longer durations. For this reason, all the renowned manufacturers advise to never leave the laptop unattended for a long time when it is charging. Because the battery can eventually explode, and cause damage to you.

Hence, it is important to ensure that the battery in your device doesn’t have faults. If you are in doubt whether your laptop battery has issues or not, check out the official website of the laptop manufacturer for help. Alternatively, one can call the respective store from where the laptop was bought, to seek further assistance.

How To Change The Laptop Battery?

If you have a laptop with an external battery, it can be easily replaced. Just check the unit’s serial number and accordingly order a new battery. However, you also have the option to get one from a third-party manufacturer at a lower price. But, preferably always get the new battery from a trusted brand. This way, you can avoid putting the laptop’s safety at risk.

On the other hand, if the device has an internal battery, you should not change it on your own. Instead, consider reaching out to an expert for laptop repair in Singapore to get professional assistance. Because if an inexperienced person tries to replace it, there are chances that the device’s internal components will get damaged. 


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