How to Prevent and Detect Swollen Battery in Your Laptop?

Prevent and Detect Swollen Battery in Your Laptop

We are dependent on lithium-ion batteries to charge our laptops or smart devices on an everyday basis. No doubt, this battery plays an important role in our day-to-day life. But what if one sudden day it damages and causes severe mishaps?  You might be surprised to know, but the battery may swell with time if you charge and use the laptop battery incorrectly. And the swollen laptop battery might not seem dangerous, but it is. If this is the case with you, reach our nearest laptop repair services for the safest solution.

In this article, we will share some tips to help you in detecting swollen batteries in your laptop. Also, you will go through preventive measures to save a laptop battery from swelling.

How To Detect A Swollen Battery In A Laptop?

Once a battery becomes swollen, your laptop will not work properly. So better is to turn off your device for a while. But how to detect a swollen battery?

Hence below, we are listing some points that help in detecting whether your laptop battery is swollen or not. 

  • The swollen battery expands, and the laptop or other electronic device slowly changes its shape.
  • Your laptop keyboard will start protruding.
  • Buttons will become very hard to push in a laptop.
  • You will find your device wobbly when placed on a flat surface.
  • If it is possible to open your device, you can check whether the battery is rounded or puffy.

A laptop repair service provider can help you to open your laptop to detect if the battery is swollen or not. They may charge you a minimal service charge. So, if you see any of the signs listed above, be careful. A swollen battery is the worst thing because there might be severe consequences if it explodes. 

What To Do With Swollen Laptop Battery?

So, you have discovered that your device battery is swell. Now, check out some important things to do with it. 

  • The first step is to puncture your laptop battery because it is too dangerous to fit in a device. For this, you have to be really careful.
  • If you have a removable battery option, remove it with utmost care. You may find it difficult to remove a swollen battery. If you have removed it, put it in a cool space or container.
  • Do not discard the battery in the trash or elsewhere. Doing so can severely injure the health of sanitation workers who may come into contact with the battery and the environment.
  • Find an authorized battery disposal facility and dispose of it. Moreover, you can visit the service center of your laptop; they will handle the swollen battery.
  • If your locality doesn’t have any battery disposal place, you can connect with the local government and follow their instructions. 
  • Is your battery non-removable? If so, then never remove it on your own. You need expert guidance for it; you can take your device to the laptop repair service center. 
  • Don’t connect power with the laptop until the swollen battery is replaced. It may explode if you don’t handle it properly.

Preventions For A Swollen Battery

As you already know, the swollen battery is very dangerous. So there are some suggestions you can take to minimize laptop battery damage risk.

Don’t use cheap chargers.

Sometimes when the original charger stops working, people buy a duplicate charger. However, you shouldn’t be doing this because it may lead to battery damage. Use top-quality chargers instead of any local or third-party-built chargers.

Unplug device when fully charged

Never leave your laptop plugged in for hours and hours. When your device is fully charged, unplug the charger. 

Furthermore, whether you have a MacBook or Windows OS, you can download free software that suggests your battery charging time. Also, it will pop up on the screen when your laptop battery is sufficiently charged.

A cool place for storing

Well, it’s a basic rule to prevent batteries that keep your device in a dry and cool place. Using your device in sunlight is okay once in a while, but try to avoid a humid environment.


Taking care of your laptop battery is unlikely to swell. Moreover, following these tips will allow your laptop battery to run smoothly and for a long time. 

For a swollen battery, the iDevice Repair Centre is one of the best choices. Their experts can handle your laptop battery and repair it with perfection. Furthermore, professionals will either dispose of the battery or help remove and replace it. Also, visiting a professional will decrease the risk of battery damage. Get connected!