A Complete Guide to Laptop Motherboard Repair!

Motherboards are complex multilayer printed circuit boards with a set of complex microcircuits and electronic components, which is why it’s the most expensive component of a laptop. And due to these reasons, laptop repair motherboards are more rational than replacing them.

However, motherboards are much smaller, more fragile, and have a graphics system onboard – a graphic chip and video memory, which are often prone to failure. All controllers are integrated on the same motherboard, all ports and interfaces that can fail due to electrical breakdown, short circuit or mechanical stress are soldered. Thus, the circuitry of laptop motherboards is much more complex than that of PC motherboards. Various data recovery services can make the progress easy and simple.

In the following guide, we collect more knowledge about laptop motherboard repair.

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When You Require Laptop Motherboard Repair?

  • USB Port, Touchpad or Keyboard Aren’t Working
  • Artefacts On the Screen Or the Screen is Black
  • Poor or Loose Power Connector
  • Liquid Or Foreign Matter Getting Into the Laptop
  • Laptop Turns Off

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When You Require Laptop Motherboard Repair?

USB Port, Touchpad or Keyboard Aren’t Working

This malfunction appears more and more often, and its elimination is very expensive. It can be caused both by problems in the soldering of the southbridge chip and by damage to the flexible cables that come from the touchpad or keyboard. The southbridge may fail due to overheating, short circuit, shock or mechanical pressure on the laptop case. In this case, there is poor contact of the microcircuit with the board. Here, you need the help of a laptop repair professional.

Artefacts On the Screen Or the Screen is Black

Typically, these symptoms occur when a laptop graphics chip or video memory fails. The repair consists of replacing these chips, which have a complex BGA case with solder balls under the case without leads along the contour of the case and are re-soldered only at special soldering assemble and disassembly stations. If the laptop video card burns out, the laptop may not turn on at all, or it may turn on. But the image will be absent. Generally, laptop video system malfunctions are associated with overheating or mechanical to the motherboard.

Poor or Loose Power Connector

All connectors on the motherboard are soldered into small plated mounting holes with a small amount of solder. The connectors are very small, fragile and don’t hold well on the board. With the frequent operation of securing the plug into the power connector, it can work normally in one of the plug positions. And in other, it can have no contact. This repair isn’t quick, since it’s necessary to completely remove the board from the laptop, disassemble its case, replace or solder the connector and assemble.

Liquid Or Foreign Matter Getting Into the Laptop

Most often, such an incident leads to a short circuit in the circuit board. If the laptop has been flooded with liquid, you must immediately disconnect the battery from it and contact our service centre. It’ll be necessary to make it a complete rinse with special drying to avoid overheating.

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Laptop Turns Off

The reason most often lies in the overheating of the processor or chipset due to dust contamination of the radiators. The cooling system is designed in such a way that one common heat sink covers the bridges of the chipset and the processor or northbridge, graphics chip, and processor. The heat from this radiator is removed through heat pipes and drawn out through the radiator grill. In this case, complete cleaning of the radiator and cooler of the cooling system, replacement of thermal paste between the chips and the radiator is required. With prolonged overheating, the chips burn out and fail. Cleaning will no longer save – you’ll need to re-solder the bridges.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned things will help in knowing about the laptop motherboard repair. If you need the help of professionals, you can contact us. Their various computer repair services help in recovering the data. We will assist in every possible way and guide you in repairing the motherboard.