What to Do With a Swollen iPhone Battery?

Apple brand smartphones have always been famous for their high quality and performance, reliability, and rich functionality. They break much less often than competitors on Android, but iPhone batteries also tend to swell. There are a number of service providers who assist in recovering your damaged device. Our iPhone repair in Singapore also helps in repairing your iPhone’s swollen battery as we have all accessories and high-quality spare parts. 

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the features of which we’ll consider in this write-up.

Let’s have a look!

Table of Content

Why Does Gassing Occur Inside the Battery?
Reasons For Battery Swelling
What to Do If iPhone Battery Gets Swollen?
Wrapping Up!

Why Does Gassing Occur Inside the Battery?

Lithium is highly reactive, especially with regard to oxygen. When located in an atmospheric environment at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, it kindles itself.

At certain stages of the working cycle, lithium ions are deposited on the surface of the negative electrode of the battery. On the opposite electrode, the oxygen salt settles. There is no way to get rid of such a phenomenon since it accompanies the normal operation of the device.

When oxygen salts interact with metallic lithium, heating occurs and an increase in internal pressure. To relieve this pressure, a valve or “window” is provided. Thus, heating, pressure build-up and gaseous emissions during battery operation are concomitant with normal battery operation.

Reasons For iPhone Battery Swelling

The internal temperature of the battery can exceed the required maximum under the influence of various factors. As a result, the process of heat generation is accelerated, the valve doesn’t cope with its functions, and gases damage the casing. This can happen for the following reasons:

  • The device has a factory defective battery.
  • The battery controller is out of order.
  • Frequent use of a non-original charger.
  • Finding the battery for a long time in open sunlight, in the cold.
  • If moisture gets inside the battery.
  • Due to mechanical damage, shock.

In this case, it’s necessary to replace the battery and it should be done as soon as possible. Abnormal processes are already going on in the battery. So it can stop functioning at any time and can depressurize. Electrolyte ingress on the electronics will either lead to costly repairs or the need to purchase a new device.

What to Do If iPhone Battery Gets Swollen?

If such a problem is found, the battery should be quickly disposed of by replacing it with a new one. A swollen battery isn’t only dangerous for the gadget, as it can damage the display or iPhone case, but also for your health. Chemical processes can’t be reversed. Therefore, with a further increase in pressure, an explosion or ignition of the battery may occur.

It will no longer be possible to restore the battery. That’s why the only correct solution is to dispose of it at special points. After a swollen iPhone battery, if the gadget needs repair and battery replacement you can hire a technician from a reputable company. There you’ll also get help in recovering the lost and deleted data from computers and mobile phones.

Wrapping Up!

You can buy a battery yourself by visiting a store or purchasing online. But self-purchase is extremely undesirable since there is too much risk to buy a poor quality device. In the best-case scenario, you’ll get an original but used battery. In order to protect yourself from such scenarios, you need to pay attention to several aspects which help in choosing the right battery. Professional repair store can also help in choosing the best iPhone battery. 

That is why contact the proven service store – iDevice Repair Centre, one of the best repositories of apple repair in Singapore. You can also restore the data with us easily and conveniently. And our most important advantage is a guarantee. So, contact us today if you need any help.