Effective Tips for Fixing a Frozen iPad Screen

Does your iPad accidentally stutter and freeze, what to do?

Some iPad users have reported unresponsive behaviour on their devices. For some people, the problem is persistent. Whereas, for others, it randomly appears and goes away from time to time. They also stated that a non-working touchscreen issue occurs without any logical reason, such as physical damage.

When your iPad freezes, you might rush yourself into trying different methods. Unfortunately, they can land you in even more complex problems.

Don’t worry! iPad repair services can easily lessen your uneasiness as they’re often carried out by professional technicians. These experts are very much proficient and qualified to resolve issues related to all Apple devices.

Apart from this, we would also like to present some effective solutions that will instantly put you at ease!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Reasons for Frozen iPad Screen

Simple and Effective Tips for Fixing a Frozen iPad Screen

  • Hard Reset Your iPad
  • Charge the Battery for Your Frozen iPad
  • Close All the Open Apps
  • Get in Touch With iPad Repair Centre

Time to Contact iDevice Repair Centre

Reasons for Frozen iPad Screen

In some cases, especially if you’re using an old iPad with the latest version of iOS, a particular Application may freeze your device. Oftentimes, the cause of an unresponsive iPad can be a rogue app that isn’t behaving as expected. This causes stuttering in iOS, and it can even effectively obstruct your device’s operating system.

Whatever the reason for your case, these are the initial steps you should take to correct your problem.

Simple and Effective Tips for Fixing a Frozen iPad Screen

Hard Reset Your iPad

Force restart or hard reset tends to fix several common issues, from the black screen of death to random screen freezing. The procedure can be carried out through Face ID or Home Button, depending on the type of model you have.

So, press and hold the Power Button and the Home Button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the display. Once your device gets rebooted, check out – whether the screen is working properly or not.

Charge the Battery for Your Frozen iPad

Sometimes, battery issues can become the reason for the iPad freezing up. Another effective solution to this problem is to charge it. So, plug your iPad into a power source and check if the Apple logo is appearing on the screen. However, wait for a while or an hour before deciding whether the effort shows any result.

Even after waiting for an hour, if the device isn’t showing the usual charging screen, the problem might be residing internally (Hardware or software issues). So, give a closer look at the power adaptor, the USB cable, and the charging port – because dust debris and small damages could also be the reason your device isn’t charging. That’s why identity – are they in good condition.

Close All the Open Apps

Multiple apps running in the background can also cause the problem. Apps from third-party developers are the ones that most often create problems. Hence, it’s advisable to close all the open apps. For this, you need to activate the app switcher by swiping up the Home Gesture Bar or double-tap the Home button.

A preview of multiple apps will appear on the screen that is running in the background. So, close them all by swiping each one up. Now, perform the restart procedure for getting rid of the frozen iPad screen.

Get in Touch With iPad Repair Centre

If previously mentioned solutions have worked in troubleshooting the problem, there is a high chance that your device is facing hardware issues. Or maybe your screen is broken or some issues reside in the motherboard.

In such scenarios, hiring or contacting an iPad repair centre, such as iDevice Repair Centre is a reliable solution. We won’t only offer cost-effective iPad repair services but also ensure you with a full guarantee. Moreover, our reliable solutions of data recovery in Singapore won’t let you feel any trouble in losing your essential data stored in an iPad or other device.

Time to Contact iDevice Repair Centre

Everyone wants exceptional quality services at a justified price. The iDevice Repair centre is here to assist you. We have a whole team of trained technicians, specialised in services related to Android and Apple repair in Singapore. We first diagnose the problems to perform the appropriate repair procedure accordingly.

So, reach out to us to sort out your iPad without any inconvenience!