The iDevice Team– Treating your iPhone issues in a Smarter Way

February 27, 2018

iPhone is easily one of the biggest brands for this generation. Although it is a smartphone manufactured & owned by Apple Inc but its furore among the customers has made it a premium brand with wider recognition. Such is the craze among the public that it is difficult to imagine the world without iPhone. So, what happens when your precious iPhone gets ill? No matter how impeccable these products are, they are easily prone to accidental, water damage. Hence, this calls for imminent iPhone repair services by a team of professional experts.

The idevice team is one of the most trusted iPhone repair specialists who handle your iPhone illness in a smarter way. Our skilled professionals have years of expertise in treating screen damage, motherboard issues as well as providing water damage repairs to iPhones. The technicians are equipped with professional tools and software to offer reliable iPhone device repairs in a quick & hassle-free manner. We offer smarter solutions for all your iPhone issues. Our premium iPhone repair services include:

  • Broken Screen Repairs – A broken screen on an iPhone is one of the most common issues faced by the device owners. Interestingly, our experts have the right knowledge & tools to quickly analyze the extent of damage before suggesting a repair or replacement service. This saves much time and is certainly a smarter way to repair.


  • Water Damage Issues – An accidental water spilling is another one of those iPhone issues that may hamper the device. Your iPhone may start to misbehave or get turned off, for good. We, at idevice, have a common rule that applies to all of our repair services. We believe in examining the issue beforehand, in order to understand the level of damage inflicted before starting repairs. Over the years, the results have backed us up and proven that our repair services are truly immaculate.

iphone water damage singapore

  • Battery Replacement Service – The duration of battery life is inversely proportional to the device usage. Hence, one way or another the iPhone battery is bound to die down. Team idevice is an immensely talented core group of individuals who offer the best iPhone battery replacement service in Singapore.


We take immense pride in satisfying the customers and helping them get a quick and hassle-free service at affordable rates. Our solutions are quite reliable and user-friendly. So, consult us as we offer a smarter way to deal with your iPhone issues.