How to Fix the Sound Issue on your Macbook before Hiring Someone?

November 30, 2017

Your precious Macbook device is always the go-to product for you. No matter, whether you want to hear some music, stream your favourite movie or surf online, macbook is always there. Now suppose if the sound has stopped working on your Mac, what will you do? How will you cope up with it? Do not fret, there is a solution for everything. There are a plethora of Macbook Pro repair specialists that provide convenient Macbook speaker replacement service in Singapore. But, first things first:

Listed below are a few quick and easy steps that may fix the sound issue:

1. Hit Play on Itunes – The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to tune into the iTunes and play something, anything. Here, we only need to check whether the sound is working or not. If you see the bar progressing but can hear no sound, then there’s definitely a problem. Also, check the volume buttons to make sure whether the volume is not turned down.

2. Use a Different App – Sometimes you are unable to hear anything because the sound is turned off inside the app. Try using a different app to check if it’s the issue.

3. Restart Your Mac – Restarting your device is the ultimate solution when nothing else works. It is sometimes the best solution that can solve the issue real quick.

4. Any Earphones Attached? – A silly thing, but sometimes it is the issue. Check whether the earphones are plugged into the device. If they are, then unplug them and you will hear the sound again.

5. Free the Ports – Anything connected to the Mac no matter if it is a cable, USB, or any HDMI device, disconnect it. Now again check whether the sound is playing or not?

6. Update the Software – Installing latest updates are always the best option for any hardware issue. Making sure that your Macbook is running the latest version of Mac OS X or macOS. An outdated software may be the issue sometimes.

7. Re-Initiate Or Restart Your Sound Controller – Go to Activity Monitor -> Processes -> coreaudiod. Select it and click on X to quit the process. Straightaway, the process would restart itself which may fix the problem.

8. System Preferences – Open system preferences and go to Sound -> output Tab -> Internal Speakers. Check whether the mute option is unchecked and the output volume slider is moved to the right.

9. Internal Speakers Unavailable – If you see Digital Out instead of internal Speakers then it may be a cause of worry. And you may need to consult an expert.

Most of the above options are for self-checking, but still, if the issue persists after all this then, you need to find a professional repair centre that provides a reliable macbook speaker replacement service in Singapore. With affordable mac repair rates in Singapore, these specialist centres are the best bet to get your speakers checked and replaced if need be. Moreover, these service centres are also known to provide iPod repairs, Local business solutions as well as professional help for Macbook data recovery in Singapore.

So, hire them and get served.