2020 Goals for Apple: 5 Products that Users Might Go Gaga About!

oday, Apple is offering products and services that have never been offered before! Your needs would be met by merely updating the products in the expected ways (iPhone has a better camera, faster than others with 5G connectivity). Well, these features are enough to cater to the users’ need of the day. But, keeping human nature in mind, we can never settle for anything! We will always seek more! This year in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 we’ll see the release of iOS 14 and macOS 10.16. And, in September 2020, Apple will launch some new iPhones and a new Apple Watch. Also, it is for sure that small changes will be made to the iPads and Macs, such as faster processors, and a few other minor changes such as new Magic Keyword to the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the rest of the line. The year 2020 will witness continued changes to Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. Here are 5 things that users are expecting from Apple in the year 2020.


In the year 2019, rumors were all over that Apple was to produce little tracking pucks similar to Tile. These were to be named as “Apple Tags” or “AirTags,” and were to be released in the first quarter of the year 2019. Then, it got delayed to the later part of the year 2019. It is long overdue, and we expect and hope to see them this year. These tags are going to be the real game-changer if somehow Apple gets them right! However, there are a lot of trackers available in the market, but they are all network dependent—the network of other users with the same app. Apple has the quality of tapping into the entire iPhone/iPad install base in a way that protects the users’ privacy, making them even more trustworthy and useful. We hope Tags will be making use of both Bluetooth LE (offers more extensive compatibility on most iPhones) and Ultra-wideband (that provides the precise location on the newest iPhones). Also, they should be water-resistant and should be equipped with replaceable batteries/ wireless charging. And we shall all hope and pray that they won’t be tagged with an unaffordable price. Strangely, the Tags aren’t out yet. We hope that Apple Tags aren’t like AirPower, for which Apple has been waiting for the perfect moment to announce them.


Another long-due expectation is that Apple wouldn’t be relying on Intel for the processor; instead, it will launch its very own processor. It seems that Apple wants to be in control of its own fate. We witnessed this fate controlling with the innovation of the T2 chip for Macs as a step forward in a positive direction. However, the company already took such measures on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and should focus on making its GPU and CPU for the PCs. ARM Architecture is used in Apple’s chips to make macOS run on it, as opposed to AMD processors and x86 architecture of Intel, with which it is a challenge. But the more significant challenge here is of transporting the whole ecosystem along with the plugins, apps, and everything else that makes a Mac more than just an iPad with a keyboard. The year 2020 is expected to be the culmination of a multi-year process, and it is worth waiting to see what Apple has to offer its users at the inception of the year. The imagination in itself is fascinating, and Apple honestly has planned to introduce a macOS 11—compatible only on Macs with Apple chips. It also took responsibility to launch a 12-13-inch MacBook that is almost similar to the MacBook Air laced with the latest features like Magic Keyboard and Face ID. It is also rumored that macOS11 will be laced with new apps compiled especially for Apple’s ARM-based processors and choosing other apps through emulation. However, it is almost similar to macOS 10.16. Apple has got much on its list to accomplish in the years to come. It is looking forward to making more Macs with its processors installed inside, and ceasing the production of new versions of macOS 10.x, only delivering bug fixes and security patches for it. The Mac line is going to transition into macOS11 and its very own Apple processors fully. There may be some glitches in the plan, and it may be possible that the launch doesn’t take place. But for now, all we can say is Apple very much wants to have its very own processor for its Mac. It is a big transition that is more likely to take plenty of time and go through many rough patches to complete. We hope—hey Apple, let the revolution for 2020 begin.


In 2019, when its excellent services got pushed, Apple had to tackle a lot of consumer-facing subscription and monthly installments services on offer. However, it is tough to put a service bundle together that includes, e.g., the iPhone Upgrade Program and Apple TV+. Earlier, the service bundle was for only one device and was capable of carrying different prices which were dependent on your iPhone version. Now it comes with a fixed price that can be shared by your family. Apple probably should offer a single bundle to all its international consumer services that include family sharing. Below are the services along with the prices:
  • Apple Music – $15 (with family sharing)
  • Apple Arcade – $5
  • Apple TV+ – $5
  • Apple News+ – $10
  • iCloud Storage (2TB) – $10
Each of the family service bundles is fixed with a monthly fee, and each one is to make your life easier and enjoyable in the ecosystem of Apple technology. Individually these service bundles can cost as much as $45. And hence, the question is why not combine them all in a single bundle just for $29.99!


Apple is working on an updated iPad Pro with a ‘time-of-flight’ sensor situated on the rear cameras to accurately and swiftly produce a 3D model of the environment. This feature would come in useful in augmented reality (AR). Well, the good news is that the iPhones (at least in the high-end models) that are getting introduced in the fall season will allegedly be incorporating the same sensor. Indeed, it is going to be a great leap of AR (one of the newest and most current technologies) on the iPhone and iPad. But AR is not quite ready to catch up until we don’t get the real-world video on our flat screens. AR turns out to be magical when you look at reality with computer-generated graphics on it with your own eyes. And Apple doesn’t have to do much to make the best-looking AR headset. Probably, the technology doesn’t exist yet that can provide a decent AR experience with a pair of elegant and stylish glasses. On the other hand, developing an ecosystem for AR that would work for mass-market consumption is undeniably a multi-year process. It would be exciting to see if Apple could get there. Users are not expecting Apple to deliver them a pair of Ray-Bans with the screens, but something lighter and smaller would be able to cover the shortcomings of Apple, such as limited view of the field. For this, having an iPhone would be a necessary factor; however, it doesn’t matter if it comes with a cord running from the headset to your iPhone. Given the marketing perspective, no year will ever be a better year than 2020 to launch an Apple eyewear product.


With the release of Apple Arcade and the latest support system for the ‘Xbox One’ game and PS4 controllers in tvOS 13, users can notice that it isn’t just a great game console. It doesn’t provide the needed oomph to play premium games enjoyably on a 4K TV. And, if that doesn’t concern you, and all you desire is access to the video and music streaming world, then here’s the buzz-kill! It is more expensive than its peers. The high-end box is going to be an exceptional unit to target gamers and/or video-game enthusiasts with an Xbox or PS4 game controller. It is expected to have an A13 chip inside it with a great storage space (up to 64 or 128GB) to give space for numerous bigger games with significant assets. The good news here is that they are proposing to offer a new Apple TV remote. It is being provided because the current remote is indeed one of the most useless products that Apple has ever produced. The remote is panned across the globe by international users, of course, gamers, especially. It was so worthless that Swiss TV Company Salt gave Apple a hard time by building its own remote that works both ways with no setup or when paired. There is no denying the fact that Apple TV is an outstanding piece of hardware that at least deserves an easy-to-use remote.
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