Troubleshooting Tips For The Most Common iPod Issues

iPod is the premium handheld products that allow users to tune into their favourite music on-the-go. Offering a larger storage space with bigger battery life, these devices are one of the most reliable Apple products that people often use. But just like any other technological product, an iPod is also prone to damage and may well go down once in a while. Hence, the need to connect with premier iPod repair service centre in Singapore becomes imminent. Listed below are the troubleshooting tips for the most common iPod issues:
1. iPod Doesn’t Switch On – No matter how hard you try or what you do, if your iPod fails to switch on then you must try these fixes • Ensure that the hold button isn’t turned on. An activated hold button might be the problem for your iPod issues, which we often overlook and start to panic. • Check to see if the battery isn’t drained out. Plug in the charger to see the status on the screen. If it’s charging then there’s no battery issue otherwise you must buy a new iPod battery. • Bring the iPod near your ear and try catching the hard drive rotation. If there is a whirring sound then the iPod is fine but your display is damaged. If not, then the logic board is at fault and it’s time to replace it from the leading iPod repair service centre in Singapore. 2. Zero Audio – if there is no sound when you hit play on your iPod, then the faulty audio jack might be the issue. Replacing it with a new one will easily resolve the issue. ipod-front-view 3. Sad iPod Icon – To resolve the sad iPod icon try these troubleshooting options: • Reset or restore the iPod software. This does resolve the corrupted software issue but it deletes everything on the iPod. So, make sure to back up your important files before restoring the iPod. • Try reconnecting the hard drive cable with your iPod. If it still doesn’t work then the cable might be damaged. Replace it. If the new cable doesn’t resolve the issue then the hard drive is surely at fault. 4. Freezes On The Logo – If the iPod fails to go past the Apple logo or restarts itself continuously then there’s a problem with the logic board. Replacing it will surely help. These troubleshooting tips are necessary for you to cover the truth and then call for help. The experts at iDevice offer the best solutions for your iPod repair in Singapore.