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We support you enjoying your device to its fullest and we will always fix your broken iPhone 6 screen at our listed price. All screen repairs will be fixed using top quality parts which have gone through numerous tests in-house. We know that you care for your iPhone 6 and always try to keep it protected from any kind of harm but if your phone end up with the serious hit, leaving you with a broken phone, our service will aid you in getting your phone fixed in no time.

Dropped your phone on your way to office and accidentally dropped it in water, we make sure any kind of adversity with your iPhone 6 will be cured. You won’t have to frown seeing your damaged phone, just reach out to our quick assistance to fix the issues like water iPhone 6 water damages, motherboard issues or battery problems.

Screen Repair

Bring your phone in on your lunch break (and then go get lunch). Give us less than an hour, and we’ll have your iPhone 6 screen repaired before your boss even knows you’re gone.

Liquid Damage

Frankly, we don’t need to know how it happened. What matters is that we can repair it — typically we can get them fixed in 24 hours or less.

Battery Upgrade

Your phone has a certain number of charge “cycles” before it’s ready to throw in the towel. We can upgrade your battery so that it’s as good as — or better than — new.

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